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I have posted three 44's, but cannot seem to combine it with a second <45 to break 90. I have 44-50, 48-44 and 50-44.... It's killing me.
Sound waves travel in all directions unless blocked. Though, you'll hear them in a lower frequency that someone standing in front of you due to the doppler effect. With that said. I generally don't hear the hiss with my driver because of the ringing of the impact, but I hear it clearly when I hit a good 5W and sometimes with an iron.
8", but I can crank it to 10" if I try really hard. Though I have a tendency to pull and yank it left. I think I'm coming over the top and don't get the head connecting properly. I'm just glad I never sliced it....
~95-100 and I outdrive pretty much everyone I play with... How odd judging from the polls on these forums...
Mid-year update: - Break 100 consistently Check - Break 90 at least once Getting close (92) - Bring handicap below 23 Check (20.5) - Reduce blow-up holes to one per round or less (blow-up = par+4) Check (last round no triple+ !) I'd like to change/add: - Fairways hit > 45% - GIR > 30% - Handicap below 21 by end of the year
Shot another 93 this morning. Just can't seem to get below 90 no matter how hard I practice. Nothing stood out as being bad today.. Driving, chipping and putting was all distinctly mediocre. Good news is that I managed to get up&down a couple of times and I didn't have a single blow-up hole. Even my worst hole I managed to squeeze out a double. 5 Par, 5 Bogey, 8 Doubles 6/14 Fairways hit 4/18 GIR 36 putts (meh) 1 penalty Still having trouble with hitting shots...
You mean on the golfer's ego or the actual difference in results? Sorry, couldn't help myself
When I first started playing my first real chance at par or even birdie got thwarted when my 120y shot, going straight at the pin, hit a sprinkler head at the edge of the green and bounced over the green, over the bunker behind the green into the deep rough. Thus a sure 5 (was a Par5) turned into a 9 as I struggled to get over the bunker. This game is brutal.
Join the club. I'm Tiger Woods on the range and look like an idiot on the course. I agree with the suggestions above. Turn the range into a course and be honest with yourself. Would that ball you just 'pured' down the range really have made the fairway or did you quietly pull that ball a little too far to the left and would that have been disastrous on Hole #5 on your regular course? That PW shot you just hit straight at the marker, was that not two yards short and...
165y approach shot on long Par4. Hit a perfect 7I, landed at 165 and stopped dead at 170y a little left of target. Doesn't seem like anything special, but this was my first GIR from 150+ yards out.
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