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40 (5+) not to bad my driving is allover the place but im irons are on fire at the min!
they just keep biting...
it doesnt i do it when im practicing x
i cant belive people bite at things like this priceless...
78! dont need to putt when your irons are on fire i didnt have a put out side 10ft...
how much would that set one back?
bump bump...
how did you get on with this?
hey just got a studio design 1 for £60 ($120) second hand any1 tell me if this is good value. i asumed it is as these retail at £180ish. it only has a slight wear on the leading edge. thanks Tape
Hey im posting here because it seems the done thing... any hoo im from uk namely Nuneaton, Warwickshire peace out x
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