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Ping Eye 2 Driver loft

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About 1990 or thereabouts, I bought a set of Ping Eye 2 woods 1, 3, 5 & 7. I subsequently sold them in 1994. I now have the same woods (not the exact same) and I seem to remember that the loft on the driver was given by a colour code. Mine was a red dot driver then and the one I have now is a black dot. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks in advance


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I think so, they are definitely not metal anyway.

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    • No Forearm Rotation - Biggest Swing Flaw?
      That's not my username. Which is why it didn't tag me. I disagree that "forearm rotation" (of any kind, really) is the "biggest swing flaw." I think there are many things I'd rank as bigger flaws than this. I don't find that I have to cover this a ton during my lessons. There are several things I cover more frequently. I would say that everyone has a different amount of what's "correct" for them. (And it's not actually perpendicular, and the amount that it's off from perpendicular depends as much on how high the lead arm is at the top of the backswing, which has nothing to do with forearm rotation or arm rotation of any kind, really.) I have no idea what that actually means. There's nothing "natural" about something being perpendicular. We're talking about the human body, after all, and to get it to be perpendicular it takes 90° of rotation! Also, as I said above, they're not actually perpendicular, and the degree by which they're off of perpendicular depends on how high the lead arm is, not any rotational amount. If your arm exactly matches your shoulder plane, they have a chance of being perpendicular, or very close, but few people swing at exactly on that plane. You've yet to define "natural motion," nor do you in this post. Weight transfer does little to disrupt the center of the golf swing (not that there is truly a point that is the center of the golf swing - I'm speaking somewhat colloquially). A weight transfer primarily involves the hips going forward during the downswing, not the point between the shoulders that sort of acts as a "hub" in the center of the swing arc. Again, the "center" is more of a smallish region and not actually a specific point, but… it generally stays in the same place in good players, so the weight transfer has little to do with it. In other words, robots can accurately reproduce the golf swing if they simply have a wrist, because the "center" of the golf swing is a pretty small region. But, I don't want to spend much time talking about this as I have no idea how it relates to your idea that there should be zero forearm rotation during the swing. I don't know what graph you're looking at. In the last one I posted, the right wrist starts at 54° pronated and supinates 83° to end up at 29° supinated. In case you were referring to another graph, though it had to be one with the right wrist shown (only one other graph), also shows the lead wrist as about 50° pronated going into about 16° supinated thought the backswing. I'm not sure you know how to read these graphs or where 0° truly exists. It's not got much to do with how your arms hang at your sides. The measurements are relative to the proximal segment. You've said a lot of things earlier, including "the forearms should rotate zero degrees" (paraphrased). And, again, the right wrist starts out 50° pronated, and supinates 66° (or more - it supinates 83° in the other graph) throughout the backswing. If you want to talk about the rotation, you can't just talk about the rotation after it passes a zero point. Imagine a golfer's wrist started at "80" and ended up at "0" (I don't care if it's supination or pronation for this particular question) - would you say that golfer didn't rotate his forearm because it was at 0 when you chose to take a measurement? Or would you say the golfer rotated it 80° throughout the backswing? The latter is the only answer that makes any sense. The golfer rotated it 80°. Not 0°. Not 20°. Please stop saying things as if they're fact. Who is to say 40° is "too flat"? Who is to say 5° is "too steep"? Maybe for that particular player they're appropriate. Plus, again, in the examples above we saw supination of 66° and 83°. We saw pronation of (in the same two graphs) of 50° (32° to -18°) and 66° (50° to -16°). The initial measurement has quite a bit to do with grip strength - how turned the hands are clockwise or counter-clockwise on the grip. It has quite a bit to do with the elbow location, too. The right wrist supinates during the backswing. It doesn't pronate. You made this mistake frequently. Again, it doesn't turn or rotate only 20°. More like 50, 66, 83°… The shoulder turn doesn't flatten appreciably with a longer club. Re: the fifth point… this is from another thread, but here's Tiger hitting a driver and a short iron. The line is across his lead arm, but his shoulder pitch is nearly the same at this point, as you can see. Both of the numbers read "42°." I imagine you'll find if you study good golfers that the shoulder plane does not change appreciably with different clubs. I'll stop here, except to ask a simple question about the video at the end… honestly because I haven't got a clue what you're saying the rest of the way. You seem to imply that Tiger and Sergio have bad full swings because they don't do whatever it is you're talking about. You implied, if I read it correctly, that Tiger won because of his short game and putting, and is injured because of his full swing. You implied, again if I read it correctly, that Sergio is has a poor full swing, and that his backswing sequencing is off… Yet… Tiger gained more strokes with his full swing (even driving) than he did with his short game and putting. Tiger's full swing has been a HUGE factor in why he's been so dominant, and why he wins as often as he does (or did). Look at that… he gained 1.64 strokes with his approach shots and less than half that with his short game and putting combined. That year was not an anomaly, either: Tiger dominated largely due to his ballstriking, not his short game and putting as you seem to want to contend. Here's another look: Sergio, too, btw is well regarded for his ball-striking. He's consistently been one of the top 20 golfers in the world for a long, long time now. He's currently 16th in the OWGR. Sergio is also pretty high up on the list of strokes gained for driving and approach shots (or tee-to-green). What does that video have to do with anything? It is curious, though, that the robot also rotates its mechanical "forearms" quite a bit in making its backswing.
    • My Swing (coop6)
      Best drills for me are piecing it together the way I want it but always hitting a ball.  I like to go to p2 correct, then Pivot to the top without any arm lift. I then get to p5 where I want it and hit the ball with a good MOrAD p8/8.5 position.    Then I'll do the same except pause at p4 then hit it from there exaggerating my changes. My issues is over flexing the rt arm and over hinging wrist. I'm trying to feel the rt elbow leading and moving faster than the shoulder.
    • My Swing (coop6)
      @coop6 Assuming you guys are working on the connection as you stated earlier, I'm curious to see how you fix it. I struggle with the connection when I'm having off days, and I can't find a good fix. The towel under arms is the original fix, but i structors don't like it, I don't like it, and even Dufner seems to have inconsistencies, though he uses it in his warm up routine. I saw that your drill was moving the arms first from the top to about hip level, and rehearsing this motion several times. I'm trying to find or think of other drills. If you find something you're willing to share and your instructor doesn't mind would love to try it myself.
    • Share a Fact from Your Job
      Moreover, why would a bank bother to provide mortgages at all if they are losing money on them?
    • PGA Tour Caddies file class-action suit against PGA Tour for use of likeness, bibs
      The tour doesn't fine the caddies in any way, they just fine the player because the player didn't follow the stipulated rules of the tournament. The player can fine the caddy because the player employs him, the PGA does nothing with the caddies besides provide the players with uniforms for them to wear.
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