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Reflections on the Wilson FG Tour ball

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Thought I'd write a few thoughts on some recent experimentation with the new FG Tour ball from Wilson. Having seen the specs and noted the price point (~£21/$30) I thought it sounded like a ball that would be worth a bit of research with the Summer on the way.

I currently play either the Bridgestone B330-RX or the 330-RXS; both of which are excellent balls. They're mooted for slower swings but I like them a lot even though I'm probably supposed to play the B330-S on Bridgestone's fittings. I particularly like the softer feel for chipping/putting. That said, I have tried at one time or another most of the "tour" balls, the exception being those from Callaway.

I love the (in?)famous ProV1 but they're over-priced (IMO) and a I find a lot of the other equivalent balls don't have the durability that they should have given their prices.

So. I purchased a dozen FG Tours and have been using them the last week or two; sometimes alongside another "tour" ball during practice. Here are some of the observations:-


I have no idea what my SS is really but a typical decent drive with no adverse conditions might average out at ~270 yards this time of year. The FG Tour was a very decent ball off the big stick; long without pulling up any trees so like most other "tour" balls I guess. I found it pretty similar to the ProV1, albeit with a slightly softer feel; not too mushy though. Trajectory was a nice mid-flight and somewhat lower than I was expecting (not sure why!); I've not had one balloon on me so far either. Decent carry with reasonable roll out. Not the straightest ball if you put a bad swing on it but that can be useful feature and a bad swing is a bad swing - no technology is going to save it.

Fairway woods:

Decent off these. My current fairway wood/shaft combination (Geek DCT w/ UST Proforce 75S) tends to give a lowish, penetrating flight whatever ball I use and the FG Tour is no different. Nice feel.

Long Irons:

Actually reasonably decent off these. No real trouble getting the ball airborne. Found the ball to be pretty workable when needed; after one cut tee shot (accidental!) which finished behind a tree, I was able to hit a really nice, big fade with a 3-iron around the tree onto the fringe of the green. Also able to hit a decent draw when required.


Nice, mid flight. Good feel. Ball really shone with these. Reasonable stickability hitting into the putting surfaces.

Short Irons:

Exceptional, for me at least. Genuine "one hop and stop" behaviour with anything from the 7-iron down. Real fizz off some of the shorter irons at times when required. Mid-high flight. It's worth saying that in the week or two I was testing these we have had no rain and that there has been negligible for the ~2 weeks prior either. Courses are running fairly firm at the moment and all the greens I've been playing in to are pretty unyielding.


Loved the ball off the flat stick. Quite soft feel which dovetails well with my insert-free Scotty.


I like a softer feeling ball for the short game and this fits the bill nicely. Quite similar in feel to the Bridgestone B330-RX but spins better.


As the reader has probably gathered, I prefer a softer feeling ball but this is where some people may be put off using the FG Tour. To me at least, it's one of the softer feeling "tour" balls out there (softer than, say, the ProV1) and if you like a firmer feel off your irons/chips/putts it probably won't be for you.


Another area where this ball shone. One ball was still good enough from the point of view of cover durability to still be in use for 56 holes. For one 18 hole round I was deliberately hitting the shorter club (and hitting it hard) when faced with a decision between two when approaching the green. Sometimes this meant really hitting all out with a GW or SW; not the most accurate(!) but the cover really stood up to the mistreatment. Far better than most other "tour" balls I've used.


Well, there had to be some I guess. A minor con is that the cover, which is brilliant white to start with, dulls somewhat quite quickly. Not a lot, it's just noticeable. The ball may also be too soft in the feel department for some people, especially those that like the ProV1x/Z-StarX/B330 type of ball. The one major potential drawback however is this - on the 56th hole with one ball, it cracked. Not a cut in the cover, a proper crack in the ball. Now, 56 holes with the same ball is pretty good and to be fair it was getting a bit beaten up by now anyway but was definitely still playable. However, in addition to this one that I cracked a friend has told me he's cracked two himself but not sure after how many holes. Seen mention on GolfWRX of a similar instance as well; wonder what Wilson have to say on it? Not a deal breaker yet but worth keeping an eye on it.


Good enough, especially at their price, to replace the Bridgestones in my bag as my ball of choice this Summer but will keep an eye on major structural failures. Wilson have a very good ball here but whether it will get the exposure it perhaps deserves is something I doubt.

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great review
not sure if that was you on wrx commenting on the ball cracking, BUT i have read that over there too
thats a lot of holes w one ball, but cracking shouldnt happen

i have heard good things about this ball for sure
I think Wilson Staff is making a BIG comeback

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Nice review, where have you seen them at £21? I haven't seen them for less than £29.99.

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Nice review, where have you seen them at £21? I haven't seen them for less than £29.99.

I got them at £21 from

best4balls.com . Went back there the other day to order a few more dozen and they're now £24.99/doz. or £23.99/doz. for 3 or more dozen. When I got them they were £19.99/doz. for 3 or more. Free shipping on 2 dozen or more I think. Shop around; quite a few online sellers doing them at under £29.99/doz.
great review

Wasn't me at WRX. I read it before I bought them but didn't take it in until I cracked one myself and went back to make sure I didn't imagine it.


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