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"My Swing" Video Threads RULES - Please Read

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The "Member Swings" section of the site is popular, so we've had to come up with some specific rules for this section of the site. These rules govern this forum, which includes all of the "My Swing" threads that pertain to each member's swing.

1) One thread per member. If you want to ask a general question about your left knee or what a golfer's hips should do in the swing, it's fine to start a thread on that. If you want to ask a question pertaining to YOUR swing only, please create and use one thread only.

2) The thread for your swing should be named "My Swing (Username)" where "Username" is of course your username. If your thread is not named properly, it may be removed .

3) If you don't have a video or still pictures, but the thread is about your swing, you're still expected to use the naming format covered in rule #2 and to post all subsequent posts about YOUR swing in that thread. If it's a general instructional question, then go ahead and make a new thread in the "Instructional" forum.

4) If you're going to post a video, make it worthwhile. Read this: and don't post a lousy quality video or a practice swing . Videos should be embedded with the [video] tag (the film strip icon). The better the video and the easier it is to watch, the more and the better responses you'll get.

That is all, though I reserve the right to amend this post and these rules in the future.

P.S. As a general note, people are more willing to give advice to people they know, so please, try to participate in other sections of the site. Get to know people and let them get to know you a little bit. You'll get more feedback and advice in your "My Swing" thread and make some online buddies in the process.


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