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Callaway RAZR X or Diablo Edge Irons

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I am looking for a new set of irons to replace my Cobra S9 II irons.

Narrowed it down to either Callaway's Diablo Edge or RAZR X irons. My handicap last year was 18, but with a new right hip replacement six months ago, I have added some more strokes.

I need some recommendations, especially from anyone who has played one or both of these Callaway irons. Pros and cons of each iron would be greatly appreciated.


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While I haven't hit the Razr X irons, I have played the Diablo Edge irons when renting a set of clubs recently.

They were about as opposite as possible from the clubs I am currently playing, and being standard lie and stiff flex I thought they would be pretty inconsistent.  Although I don't enjoy the looks, they clubs performed really well.  They are very forgiving, and the gigantic sole saved a few bad swings from the rough.  More than anything, these were consistently straight and easy to hit.

If you can, I'd try them against the Razr X as well as other irons you like.


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