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New Grips Caused Tennis Elbow

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I have to get this story out to any golfers that suffer for tennis elbow.  I'll try to keep this short.  I bought my slightly used Titleist 735CM off ebay and the clubs were listed as standard everything.  When I got them I found the grips to be midsized.  I have average size hands so I've always played standard grips.  I was too cheap to change the grips so I played 1 year with the grips.  I'm a basically a driving range rat.  When it was time to re-grip I did it myself and went back to standard with 1 wrap of tape.  After about 2 months I started getting some mild tennis elbow.  By the end of the year I had it so bad I couldn't get thru a round.  I had a cortisone shot and gave it 3 months off.  After 1 month it was back really bad.  It finally dawned on my that it might be the grips.  I had a local pro change the grips back to std with 3 wraps of tape to get closer to midsize.  With in 2 months the elbow was nothing more than a dull ache.  I had one more shot and 2 months later its gone.  Moral of the story is be careful if when changing the grip size or doing it yourself.  I'm sure I stretched the grips and made them really thin.  I'm about 99% that the grips did it because nothing else changed.


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      Check out Hireko golf....
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      Monte quite clearly states in other videos that he has told 'a bunch' of people to try this and not one of them did manage to flip it it, so just cos you don't like the message doesnt mean its BS. And so what if Bill wants to 'promote' Monte. He's a great teacher and good teachers should be promoted, instead of ones spewing the usual cliched drivel that doesn't actually help...but my guess is you prefer the cliches. 
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      Thanks very much! I was taught a technique like this by a pro many years ago.  He called it the Runyan  Method. I stopped using it because I would be indecisive about which club to use, and it didn't work as well for me from lies in the rough. This season I tried chipping with one club only (56* SW), varying the face angle just a little here and there. The idea was to simplify club selection and get the job done by learning "touch." I think I got a little better at judging distance this way, but I had more difficulty hitting it solid, so in the end distance control still wasn't good overall. IAW if I hit it solid, the distance would be good, but I hit lots of them thin or fat. I thin there is a lot of possibility for error in the standard chip method. The reason for asking the question was to see if there was something I could try, a swing idea, that would give me more consistently solid contact using standard technique. I  think maybe these last few weeks of the season, I will go back to the Runyan method and see if that helps. I think it's more tolerant of variations in the bottom of the swing arc than is the standard method.  Ok. But would it be correct to say that "accelerating through the ball" might be an idea which would lead to poor contact and distance control for chip shots? For the sake of discussion, assume we are talking about shots or 5-15 yards off clean fairway or fringe lies.
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      Awesome  MVMAC! Thanks for the tips and will report back. Very thorough response!
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