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Renegar wedges

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Hello! I did a quick search and I couldn't really find much on renegar golf wedges, which i saw a commercial for. anyone tried using things? Feedback?



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    • 2015 NFL Football Thread
      By saevel25 · Posted
      Tell that to Indy who routinely sat Peyton Manning the last game or last few games when they clinched their playoff spot. Not always the case is every game critical. 
        Just found this article, http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25329379/stallworth-brady-paid-practice-squad-players-if-they-intercepted-him

      If true that is an awesome idea. I would bet the young DB's would love to say they made money off of Brady by picking him off. 
    • Gun Laws
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      There was a mall shooting not too long ago where CCW holders started to react and the shooter saw them, went into a secluded area and killed himself.  Knew his time was up.   The Chicago story confuses me because it says he was in Logan Square.  That is in the city limits where possession and or transporting a gun in city limits is still not legal.  He cannot have a CCW for the city of Chicago.  In Illinois you have to have a FOID card (firearm owners identification card) to purchase a gun or ammo.  I had one when I lived in the suburbs of Chicago.  When I moved to Lincoln Park my handgun moved with me even though technically I was in breach of the gun law for the city.  I talked with a lot of people who said that they are lenient on persons who protect their lives in their home with a firearm.  Does anyone know if they have changed the laws in Chicago so that you can possess a firearm in city limits AND get a CCW?
    • Gun Laws
      By mvmac · Posted
      Just saw this posted on FB.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/10/03/do-civilians-with-guns-ever-stop-mass-shootings/
    • Gun Laws
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      Well said.  The other issue with guns  I think is that they are a vehicle to do harm and the people doing these things ultimately want to kill and are going to find a way to do that.  Now, does a gun make it easier?  Sure, but even if you take them all away they will find other avenues.  I think we tend to focus on treating the symptoms and not enough on curing the underlying diseases as @iacas, @boogielicious and others have been mentioning.   Societal issues, pressures, and drugs, are all part of the problem as well as parents not parenting.  We don't see as many adults past the age of 25 (which is when most psychologists will say we are no longer children and are actually adults) lashing out like this.  It tends to be the kids between 16-23 who are not getting the treatment they need when they need it.  The pubescent brain is a mess full of hormones and chemical changes that make what to us normal rational adults see as irrational behavior seem as justified and reasonable.  Add in all of the other factors such as parents not parenting and being involved in their kids lives and things can snowball quickly.  Social media is another new element where now shame and ridicule can come in massive waves, I don't know that we past the age of 30 can really understand what it is like now to live in that type of a social pressure vacuum.  When we were kids we messed up and the class may know about it, some other school kids may know about it.  Today, something happens and a 1000 people could be pinging that person with all kinds of horrible insults and other things.   There are a lot of dynamics that go behind the shootings, and we will never be able to handle and untangle all of them correctly all of the time but we do need to start doing something.   As I have mentioned before, this is good for in general but for the types of mass shootings we are seeing it isn't going to make a bit of difference.  When these disturbed people go to these places intent on killing a bunch of people they are also intent on finishing in one of two ways:  Suicide or death by cop.  Enacting those laws won't stop these types of crimes.  It may help with others however.
    • TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.
      By RandallT · Posted
      Also not a bug, but are we allowed to give recommendations for posts in non-golf topics? Most notably the gun control topic going now. Hopefully we all restrain ourselves from giving tons of kudos for partisan issues when we are like-minded, and we stick to giving thumbs up to well-written, effective commentary on golf issues.
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