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Can't Seem to Hit a Driver

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I was wondering if anybody could help me out or give some advice to find a solution with this problem.

It is not so much that I can't hit a driver, it is more that I can greatly outdrive myself using a 3-wood than I can using a driver.  It may be a psychological issue, but I really don't like the hollow feeling that I get with the striking the ball with the driver (I much prefer the solid feeling hitting the 3-wood).  Maybe the solution is not to carry a driver in my bag (which I do now), and if thats so, its not a big deal.  If anybody has any advice, it would really be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


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1) go for a driver fitting session so you can try various drivers, and at the same time compare them to your 3w, you should get fitted on a trackman or something so you can see the difference in carry between clubs etc

2) if you still dont like the driver and feel you hit the 3w better/further/more accurate then you could try a stronger lofted 3W which alot of places stock nowadays


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Driver Fitting: Like trying on suits - all 3 sizes too big - expecting one of them to fit.

The newer 3 wood is what the driver used to be.


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    • My Swing (PumaAttack)
      I have been working with an Evolvr coach for a while and he has not addressed those concerns at a2 and in fact called my position a perfect example and something he would show to other students.  So your instructions do not match up for me.   It is frustrating to hear you make comments like that when they don't match up with what my coach says.   I still don't get why it matters if it goes from shallow to slightly steeper on the downswing.   Look at Furyks swing, is he hitting all the key positions?  If I hit A5 to A6 why does A3 matter anymore? If Robert Rock had the same angle at 5 as he does at 3 he would miss the ball too..  What is the difference in steep to shallow?  OR shallow to steep, but still outside the ball?  
    • Anyone Else Use 'Good Shots' to Measure How Good a Round Was?
      No because it's pretty rare I hit a really good shot. Many are happy accidents. Good is relative to par for me. If I gave myself a chance it's a decent shot. But most don't end up as I conceived it in my mind and I know that in my planning that it's a big target. I think in certain areas, miss right to get up and down if I know going for the green brings trouble into play. If it ends up right of the green and leaves me a pitch uphill it's good whether I hit it to my number for that club or chunk it 15 yards short.
    • My Swing (PumaAttack)
      @pumaAttack I didn't tell you to "model" your swing after Ko's, I was giving you an example of someone that is doing the opposite of what you're doing. Face looking "down" at 2, standing the shaft up at 3, this will make the shallowing move a lot more natural.  Exactly, you have to consider the entire motion. When the swing goes "shallow to steep" consistency is going to be hard to achieve because of the compensations you have to make with the sweetspot. Yes at 6 you may be pointing the shaft outside the ball but it's also steeper than you were at 3, these things matter. If you had the same shaft alignment at 5 that you do at 3 you'd miss the ball, so you in order to make contact you have to steepen the shaft. While the shaft is still outside the ball at 5 the sweetspot is going to move differently than if you were "steep to shallow". @pumaAttack I wasn't aware that you were still on Evolvr or that they had already made recommendations, I'm sure your instructor has mentioned the backswing and that it's part of their gameplan to address it. I was just trying to help, you mentioned you are trying to shallow the shaft on the downswing, I saw where you were on the downswing so I figured I'd post.
    • My Swing (Jeremie Boop)
      Forgot to post my DTL video. Nothing new here really unfortunately. Main positive is I'm still doing a pretty decent job of keeping from cupping my left wrist on the backswing because it's pretty flat at the top. That's nice to see since it's something I struggled with for a long time. Thing is I've no clue what I did to fix that.  
    • What'd You Shoot Today?
      Played well at Washtenaw Golf Club (formally Polo Fields - Washtenaw).  Short game was spot on and posted a 6.9 differential.  No birdies, lots of pars, a few bogies and a disaster on the short par 3 #12 where I had a double par 6.
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