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I'm a writer

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I've written fitness books in the past, as well as two books on politics. I should get back to writing now, I suppose ;)


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Originally Posted by vangolf76a

I've written fitness books in the past, as well as two books on politics. I should get back to writing now, I suppose ;)

Very cool, what are the titles of the books? If you have any questions about using the site, check out our "Using the Site" section ,

Here are some great threads to get started and familiar with The Sand Trap

Want to follow some bright people and some awesome members? Check out this article . Want to talk about more than golf or quickly find like-minded folks? Check out our Groups .

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Awards and Achievements

For my fitness books, you can check out my website at animal-kingdom-workouts.com . I write about natural movement using bodyweight exercises. I think doing a pushup is far superior to the bench press, for example. I've also just written a little Kindle book on stretching for golf. If you're interested you can check out my blog on the above site where I talk briefly about it. You may NOT want to get it right now though, even though it's only 99 cents. I'm working on a free promotion for it in the next couple of weeks. Still working on that, though.

As far as politics and economics I'm a Canadian with very conservative views. At the moment I'm very concerned about our great neighbors and friends to the south, which is why I wrote "Understanding American Exceptionalism: What it is, how it came to be, and why it's fading" and "NOBAMA: The Top 25 Reasons Why Barack Obama Should NOT be re-elected" (obviously, not enough people read this one, lol). Both of these can be found on Amazon as well.

Please note that I DO NOT want to talk about politics on this site. If you like Obama, we can still be friends. I came here to get away from that and to talk and read about golf and golf related subjects. That's it. Thanks ;)


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