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Tried my new clubs out last night....

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Hi all,

I finally got round to trying my brand new clubs out last night on the range.  as you may remember I took delivery direct from a friend at Taylormade of a full set of R11 irons ( 4 - 9 + PW/SW), R11S driver, R11S 4 wood, R11S rescue and white ghost putter at a quarter of the retail price.

All I can say is they are amazing.

The irons are solid, give plenty of feedback and have unreal distance, control and launch angles.  The driver is insane - I know I will need to do some adjustments with the loft and weight but for the time being leaving it in neutral to play a bit with it to make absolutely sure of the adjustments needed and the rescue and wood are fantastic.

I really couldnt get over the distance and feel of the irons, I moved to stiff shafts from regular but still they are a million times better than my old R7 set.

not only all that but they are shinny and new :)

I just need to make the decision on the ATV or XFT lob wedge now as he is going to give me one of them for free - advice welcome.

Thanks for all the advice I received in choosing the clubs, greatly appreciated - just looking forward to my first round on Sunday now.


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I have the R11 irons, 4-AW, love them.  I also have the xFT wedges, 56 and 60, I would recommend both, whatever feels better to you.  The ATV's sole was huge!  It was ridiculously uncomfortable!  It felt like you couldn't hit a flop, I did though, tried them out at golfsmith!  The xFT is more of a players wedge, it is less forgiving but is easy to shape shots. It also has a changeable face, so if the grooves wear out, just buy another $40 face.  I also got them for wholesale price, my friend works closely with TaylorMade and Cleveland.


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Thanks for the reply. I have decided to go for the gap wedge and the xft lob wedge as i can have both brand new for £30 so figure that is a great bargain and i have room in the bag for them. I am hearing a lot of people getting on well with the xft so good times.

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