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R Lewis

Hello from NY

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Its start to get and snowy here in NY! That means the end of the golf season. So I am glad I found this site. It should keep me going to spring!

Look forward to the being here.


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    • Share your New Strokes Gained Data from GAME Golf!
      Wow! Thanks for the response. Seeing what I consider an "acceptable miss" for me (since I'm currently happy with a 2-putt from 9 feet), shows how much work I still have to do. My putting wasn't at its best the last couple of rounds. I could give reasons/excuses, but they were what they were. Just looking at my "last round vs scratch" shows how bad my putting was yesterday, compared with expanding it to anything over 5 rounds, where it drops into the 5.something range: Yeah, I said that my first putt is usually more than 10 feet or so.  I only meant that I'm usually not hitting my approach shots close to the pin--I'm usually on the green more than 10 feet from the hole (where a pro has about a 50-50 chance of a 1-putt).  So being beyond 10 feet, my expectation is that since a pro is 50:50 (and worse, as distance goes up), I likely won't make those putts. As always, your insight is appreciated. I've got more work to do, and an attitude to adjust--I'm setting my expectations too low.  Thanks a bunch for taking a look at this.
    • My Swing (Hardspoon)
      Reviewed the Functional Grip thread and practiced at home all week.  Here's what my grip looks like now: (Bonus points for accidentally capturing the Titleist backpack I won at the Norwalk TST outing last year.  I went to crop the picture and realized it was back there so I left it in) Hopefully I haven't gone too far in the other (weak)'s frustrating that I can't figure out how to hold a damn club. Went to the range this evening, and, as expected, was back to hitting a lot of pushes and push-slices.  I had to focus on delivering the clubface square (using a flat left wrist feel)...was able to hit some solid shots with that thought, but not very many. Took @iacas' advice and kept working on the same stuff (proper turn, in-to-out path, "extendo-arms" on the follow through) and mixed in some punch swings.  I definitely made better contact on those. Hopefully I can get this stupid grip thing taken care of...if this looks good, I'll just spend a few minutes every day practicing it.
    • Are you a Better Golfer than a Year Ago?
      Might have to change my vote to about the same. Finally got to play a league round (9 holes), in some honest to God warm weather with some fairways that had firmed up enough so that drives weren't hitting and jumping back two feet! Oh how these 63 year old joints love sunshine and warmth! Scored my best round so far, right on my handicap number. Now I actually feel like getting to work on my game!
    • Jordan Spieth lobs a marshmallow w/a wedge and eats it on its way down
      Maybe it's because I have kids. . but that's a dirty marshmallow.  Yecch.  Catch it in your hat or something next time.  Jeez. 
    • When a Pro Can’t Correct
      Ahh yes, I'm entirely familiar with this little game of golf swing whack-a-mole, lol.  I know it sounds cliché but you probably don't really understand just how good Jordan Speith is.  That sounds a little condescending but I truly don't mean it like that - I'm sure I don't, either.  He's playing a pretty different game than we do.  I imagine, if it was possible to somehow transplant our brains into Jordan Speith's body as he swings a club so we could feel what it feels like - it would freak us right out.  We'd be like . .WTH!?!, lol  And then we'd quit golf forever because we couldn't do that without our bodies snapping in half. 
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