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December 13th Platform Release Notes

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We've got the last big release of 2012 coming this Thursday. It's got a ton of good stuff.

Here's the summary:

  • Invisible mode support for mobile
  • Mobile image lightbox
  • "Jump to top / bottom" in mobile
  • Related content in mobile
  • Mobile All Sponsors and individual sponsor pages
  • Faceted article type search supported in mobile search
  • Ability to search for anchor URLs and title terms with search prefixes
  • Modification to flagging dialog
  • Link to first unread post is now a virtual link rather than absolute
  • Galleries added to site map
  • Bug fixes

Invisible Mode support for mobile

In the first mobile release, we had only two settings available for users to modify.  In this release, we're adding another to allow a user to change their invisibility status.


Mobile image lightbox

Mobile images are getting some love in this release as well.  Now when you click on an image on your mobile device, a lightbox will open, showing you a full screen version of the image along with the username of who uploaded it.

So let's say you come across this image and you want to see it as big as you can...


...you click it and that opens up the light box...


The lightbox shows you who uploaded the photo (top left) and the number of photos you can swipe through in the lightbox (lower center).  So you swipe and you go to:


Then you rotate your phone to see the blue jellyfish in all their glory and...


The image rotates and fills the screen.  Also notice that the count and uploader information will disappear until the user touches the screen again.

Jump to top / bottom in Mobile

Sometimes you want to jump around.  Specifically to the top or bottom of a long page so you don't have to swipe on your mobile device forever.

We're adding a few "jump to top" and "jump to bottom" These jumps are available on thread pages, the New Posts page, the Where I've Posted page, and the Posts by User page.

Here's the "jump to bottom":


This will take you to this portion of the end of the page:


If you scroll all the way down to the footer, you'll see the "jump to top":


Related content in Mobile

On thread and forum pages, you'll now see additional threads and articles that are related to the page you're on.  This content will appear below the parent forum / New Posts links:


Clicking on the Related Discussions header will take you to a full page showing even more good stuff to click on:


Back on our thread / forum page, below the Related Discussions block, you'll see a Related Articles block:


Please note that both of these sections are collapsible:


Mobile All Sponsors and individual sponsor pages

Another mobile feature we're adding this round is support for the All Sponsors page and individual sponsor pages.

The All Sponsors page will show all premium insiders at the top of the page, each with a premium insider label, their logo, an about blurb (if provided), a link to their individual sponsor showcase and a link to their website.

Below that, logos and links to the individual sponsor showcases will be presented for all regular sponsors.


The individual sponsor page will show the sponsor logo, about blurb, featured content and action blades to subscribe to the brand, visit the company website, visit the company pages on Facebook and Twitter (if provided).


We're also adding Sponsors to the site nav:


Faceted article type search supported in mobile search

A few releases ago we added the ability to call out specific article types into their own search sections. We've added support for this in mobile search as well.

Ability to search for anchor URLs and title terms with search prefixes

With this release, you'll be able to search for anchor text URLs by prefixing your search term with 'inurl:[search terms]' (i.e. "inurl:google").  This is functional for both basic and advanced search.

You'll also be able to use the prefix 'intitle' to search for title terms (i.e. "intitle:cool").  If you'd like to search for multiple terms, your terms must be enclosed in double quotes after the prefix.

Modification to Flagging dialog

In this release, we're cleaning up the flagging dialog to streamline the process as users and spam squads help alert your moderation teams to issues around the site.

To start, we're removing the "Severity" drop down while leaving the "Reason" drop down the same.  Here's what users will see:


We're also making some changes to the dialog for Super Spam Flaggers.  First, we're changing the wording for the super-spam-flag checkbox which currently says "Mark as held?"  Instead of that somewhat unclear verbiage, the checkbox will be labeld, "Hide and hold for moderator review".  Here's what it looks like:


We appreciate it quite a bit when people who can "superflag" spammy posts do so and mark it as held. Please don't reply to spam. This next paragraph should make it even easier for those of you who do this:

The next big change for the Super Spam Flaggers is that now when they select "Spam" as the reason, the "hide" checkbox will automatically be checked.  If they chose Other or Prohibited as the reason, the checkbox will stay unchecked by default.

Link to first unread post is now a virtual link rather than absolute

Previously the "View first unread" link in threads for logged in users was an absolute permalink to a specific post.  Now we've changed it to a virtual link (/forum/newestpost/[threadid]).  When a user clicks the button, it will take them to the same place but now if a user wants to bookmark the link, it will always go to whatever the newest post is.

Galleries added to site map

This isn't a feature that many users will notice but it is one that Google will notice.  In this release, we're adding a new section to the site map to include galleries, each gallery category, and any community albums in that section.

Fixed Bugs:

  • 4154: Replies to moved threads bump the crumb left behind in the original subforum
  • 9238: Username validation missing on "Invite Friends" PM on social groups page
  • 9998: Links in side announcements break when created in BB code editor
  • 11522: BB code editor font size dropdown placing font size outside of the code brackets
  • 11538: "Required in registration" profile questions cause error when misconfigured
  • 11552: Blue background is present instead of action menu sidecar in Android 2.3
  • 1163: Gallery image search results not correctly sorting for recency
  • 11859: "Where I've Posted" in mobile should link to "I've Posted" mobile version rather than "Posts by User" page
  • 11839: Message indicating this photo is part of a thread/article is missing on filtered by User album view
  • 11856: Images in classifieds overlap when screen is at minimum width
  • 11787: Users cannot change avatar after it's changed by a mod or admin

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Add Groups to the site nav like they did with Sponsors. Everything else looks great. Nice job!!

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Originally Posted by Beachcomber

Add Groups to the site nav like they did with Sponsors.

Everything else looks great. Nice job!!

FWIW this update occurs later today. :) I'll pass along the Groups idea, but I think they're aware of that one already.


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Jump to bottom sounds nice. In my regular browser I can open multiple tabs and use bookmarks, but that's a but annoying on my iPhone so I have been using the "New Posts" button on the bottom of the page, but since I've got posts per page up higher than normal that can lead to a lot of scrolling. Jumping sounds like it will fix that.

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    • Why do some players use the very front part of the mat?
      By newtogolf · Posted
      That was my guess.  Old mats are all worn out in the center so to get full cushion and mat effect you have to move forward or backward. 
    • What is your target score?
      By Fairway_CY · Posted
      When I first started playing golf, I just wanted to break 100.  It was ALWAYS a chore for me to keep it together and not have 2 or 3 blowup holes that would cost me 8+ strokes a round.   As I started to get marginally better, I wanted to break 95.   I began playing 'tournament' golf at some point in about 2003 and, after having quite a few years away from the game, I was again looking to break 100.  By 2004, I was pretty consistent about shooting between 95 and 105.  In 2005, we had another child... and then another in 2007, so I got away from the game again for a few years, just playing here and there when I had some spare time. Around 2010, I joined another club and played tournaments with them.  That year, I broke 90 for the first time and finished the year doing that 5 times.  I was only able to do that a single time in 2011... and then stepped away again because of a career change.  I played only sparingly from 2012 through 2014 and only broke 90 twice, which happened to be on back-to-back days in 2013. This year, I joined the Golfweek Amateur Tour and I've played a number of tournaments with them.  I've only cracked 90 twice... but every time I get on the course... my goal is to break 45 for each nine I play.  I figure if I can shoot 44 - 44... I'm doing pretty well.  I've posted 44 or better 7 times so far this season... and only 1 time for both nines in the same round, but... I've been finding my scores when I'm playing 'well' to be in the 46 range (give or take) recently.  Still... I like to try to 'aim' for less than bogey golf.  I figure if I can string together a few pars here and there, that's typically when I'll shoot a 43 or 44.  If I could just avoid the doubles... then I could adjust my target. CY
    • Gun Laws
      By newtogolf · Posted
      Sure, but the problem is how to write those laws so that mentally stable law-abiding citizens aren't impacted or denied their constitutional rights.  The background checks required to ensure someone is mentally stable would be time consuming and expensive.  Plus there's no chance that you would flag someone who hasn't sought treatment.  If a kid took ADD drugs when he was younger is that going to prevent him from owning a gun later in life?  If a kid was depressed in H.S. because he lost a parent are we going to deem them unfit to own a gun because at one point in their life they were on anti-depressants?  It's a slippery slope that the government can use to limit the number of people who qualify to own a gun. There are countless psycho's out there, yet we've  had 133 mass shootings in 15 years.  We're really going to create all these gun laws and red tape to stop an average of 9 mass shootings per year, that barely covers the shootings on an average Saturday night in Chicago. 
    • "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge (October 2015)
      By adam3553 · Posted
      Hit 90 balls on the range then played 3 holes at the club. Worked on my priority piece of steepening the shaft in the backswing. The last couple days havent been the greatest as far as ballstriking. Before that the last week was great. I realized my hands were moving out away from me in my backswing in an attempt to keep them in front of me. Ive basically overdone what Ive been working on. At the end of my range session I let the hands work in a little on the backswing and hit the last 15 balls great. Id like to work on some putting as Im playing in our clubs Ryder Cup this weekend but we just punched our greens:( Luckily the course were playing at isnt too tough.
    • Why do some players use the very front part of the mat?
      By SavvySwede · Posted
      If it's an old mat the preferred hitting area could be worn out. I've seen some that had a low spot form from the grass being eroded away.
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