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Shaft fitting experience

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I know a lot of guys have done club fittings and bought a specific set, or individual drivers etc.  I'm looking into getting fitted for a new set of shafts for my irons, and maybe my driver also.  I think I made some mistakes the first time around.  I've heard of places waiving the fitting fee if you buy a set, would they waive the fitting fee if you bought all new shafts?  Anyways, I'm curious as to what peoples thoughts and reflections are to a proper fitting, especially for irons.


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I used the fitting services at Golf Galaxy in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If I remember correctly, they used a Mizzuno shaft optimizer to capture data on your overall swing speed, speed of transition, and something else.

We then selected an iron (make and model) and then attached various shafts to the head and tracked the trajectory on the big video screen.

All that being said, I held off purchasing new irons until I was able to hit irons with the recommended shafts outside and watched the real ball flight. I think the whole fitting thing cost $50 which they were willing to apply toward a new set of irons. The thing is, I got a better deal elsewhere.

You won't regret getting fit.  It is hard data you can take with you.  Just make sure that you have hit some balls and that you are all warmed up so that the data collected is truly relevant.


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