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My Swing (paigeaaron)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years

My current handicap index or average score is: Don;t Keep one

My typical ball flight is: Pull with the shorter clubs and Hook with the longer clubs

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: A Pull and a Hook

The following videos are from the last 3 months. I'm located north of the board so I've had to head indoors in the last one.

First off I was just fitted a month ago for new clubs, didn't end up buying anything but had my clubs bent because there were to upright. I was told that was the biggest factor in the Pulls and Hooks. Anyways just looking for everyone's thoughts about my move and any potential problems you see. Also anyone know why in the last month my follow-through has become more "chicken winged" In all videos I'm hitting the same 58 degree wedge with a 64 degree lie.


Nov. 2012

This is the swing I think I liked the most. It seemed very round (inside to inside) but produced the biggest pulls. I had to open the face 5 degrees and pull it back on target, but I believed that was lie angle related. Also I was told by a pro that I was standing a little to far away from the ball and was reaching a bit.

Dec. 2012

This was a fluke day in the middle of December where all the snow had melted and  we had 50 degree weather. I had tweaked the swing to try and keep my right heel down a little longer.

Jan. 2013

I hate hitting off mats. This was taken yesterday and I am really starting to notice a "left arm wing". I also noticed I am starting to stand closer to the ball and Swing more upright. Since the lie angle of this club was never adjusted I am wondering if the high toe on the mat is more prominent and causing me to hold off a release to "not go left".

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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In those outside vids.  Do you have your dog trained to pick up balls for you?


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Yes, she loves to run after them. She just likes to stand to close to me while I swing. Have to be careful and keep her occupied.


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    • My Swing (JonMA1)
      By JonMA1 · Posted
      I want to first apologize to @Mike Boatright for the sarcasm. I don't agree with your assessment on the need for new equipment, but my reply was completely uncalled for -  given that you were only trying to help me. Having said that, please understand that as a single-digit player, you potentially have a a lot of influence on what new players work on. There is a real danger of you giving very bad advice and someone taking that advice to heart. I hope you can appreciate that and be selective in what you post.   Instructors on this site push the philosophy of identifying a primary or priority piece that needs the most attention given to it. Most of us agree with that philosophy. That doesn't mean members agree on what that is. And almost all advice is taken seriously. I've never blown off a suggestion that another member gave me on this thread - until your's last night. Even so, you believe equipment is my biggest need, and I think you couldn't be more wrong. We'll agree to disagree.   I played around with the slo-mo video recording feature on my new phone last night and noticed something interesting.... "What we have here, is failure to execute key #3" (voice of the warden from Cool Hand Luke)
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      Why wouldn't people just shift to using hunting rifles to cause said deaths? I don't follow the broken logic in your argument very well.
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      Yes! I have said this about Chinese taxi drivers for the last 12 years. A red light is merely a suggestion that you might want to consider stopping. Many near death experiences, including a collision with a guy on a bicycle with 5 chickens on the back in a cage. They argued with each other for 5 minutes meanwhile I wondered off to another taxi.
    • Anyone play clone clubs?? thoughts on clones?
      By Pendragon · Posted
      I'm with you, Mike. Clones/knockoffs are made with the cheapest materials and shafts available. And when a problem comes up (e.g., a shaft breaks), who are you going to call? Warranties are non-existent on this type of garbage. I can't believe how many people get sucked in by these lowlifes.
    • I'm an amateur and I want to teach people how to golf. What are my options?
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      I say if you can teach golfers who are bad  to be better at the game then go for it.Too many experts think you gotta teach them the exact way to hit the ball instead of just teaching them what youve learned.Now you dont need to be charging anything near what a pro would but making some money by helping others is fine.
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