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Looking for Instrctor/Teacher in St Pete/Tampa FL

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    • Hello from Minneapolis
      By Hardspoon · Posted
      Welcome to the site!  If you're looking to sort through all the bulls**t out there, you've definitely come to the right place.  Until you can get a "My Swing" thread started, here's a good place to begin to poke around: http://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/84275-tst-instructional-content/ It can be a bit overwhelming, but there are a ton of great folks on here who'd be happy to help you out.  And, if you ever get discouraged, just remember: GOLF IS HARD.   
    • Gun Laws
      By CR McDivot · Posted
      Arms was purposely generic, and included all personal and crew served weapons from the cutlass to cannon. All were commonly in use both by government and civilian. "Defining" arms "by law" after the fact is indeed infringement and unconstitutional on it's face. Thus, the "National Firearms Act of 1934" dared not outright ban machine guns, short barreled rifles or shotguns, and destructive devices but rather skirt the issue by licensing and taxing. How do you think corporate military contractors (mercenaries) obtain "military grade" weaponry to use in Iraq and elsewhere? Or the gunshop down the road from me can rent out full auto weapons to anyone to fire on their supervised range? Or that I used to see mail order ads for surplus 20mm anti tank cannons as a youngster (1950's)? Or that dynamite was available at the local hardware (no ID even required). Even though "licensing and taxing" was an infringement on it's face, the Fed got away with it and has been pushing the envelope ever since. That's kinda the way liberty is stolen... creeping, "sensible", "common sense" limitations imposed by unlimited government. 'Cause if they move too abruptly they may wake those who still love freedom... be recognized as traitors and hang as a result!   Those store owners and their friends WERE/ARE the militia!  
    • Why after around 60 shots i start to hit bad? (At Driving Range)
      By rkim291968 · Posted
      The important thing is when you start hitting bad, stop!  Go home or work on your short game.   Like the OP, I will start hitting bad after a while.  That's the time to pack it in. Some ranges offer all you can hit range ball deal.  I actually know someone close who hit so many balls and injuring his back for it.  He no longer plays golf. 
    • What is your target score?
      By rkim291968 · Posted
      My target score is relative.  It's a score that will improve my current HI.
    • Gun Laws
      By rkim291968 · Posted
      I didn't read all the posts so pardon me if I am repeating ... a random thought on gun/militia: During LA riots after Rodney King verdict, it was scary in that "government" had no control over the mobs for days. A good part of LA went up in smoke, and the place resembled a war zone.  The mobs were rooting, beating, and killing people at will.   I note here that there was no MILITIA that came to aid.  A few store owners and their friends used guns to protect their stores and neighbors.  But I think most were scared of the mobs wielding weapons and were afraid to step out of their homes.    It's not the government that I worry about.   It's the mob with guns that I worry about more.   Mobs with guns outgunning those who are supposed to protect us ...
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