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New Member From Fife, Scotland

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Hi everyone

My name is Andy and am a low handicapper from Fife in Scotland.  I have now been playing for 4 years and shoot around 70 / 71 consistently.  My ultimate goal is to turn professional in a few years time, however need the key to open up the door to shoot 65 / 66 consistently rather than sporatically.  My lowest every round was a 63, but want to shoot this more regularly.  Look forward to chatting to a few of you as we go along.



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Welcome to the site, good luck in reaching your goal.


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    • Back pain/Back stiffness during a round?
      By cooke119 · Posted
      Having had three back surgeries I know something about back pain when playing golf. I take Advil too about one hour before a round. I also do not try to swing out of my shoes! A smooth swing, in tempo, goes a long way to relieving stress on the lower back. And as the old saying goes, I let the club do the work, not me. No I do not hit the ball that far anymore, drives about 220, 3W about 200 and so on down the line, but I am straight and at (not on usually) the green in two on a par 4, 3 on a par 5. Now if I could just get my chipping down!!!
    • 5 Gallon Bucket of Water on the 1st and 10th Hole
      By Fourputt · Posted
      I do it all the time.  Who cares if it's totally sanitary, I'm not drinking it.  In 40 years I've never had an illness that would be the result of using a water hazard for a towel wetting.  I've used lakes, streams, irrigation ditches - I draw the line at using a muddy puddle. 
    • Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?
      By Fourputt · Posted
        Trust me, we have a reason for following the rules and for keeping them at hand when we play.   We desire to play the game properly, and to encourage (not force) others to do so too.  There is nothing progressive about inventing your own rules.  Nothing prevents it, but then it isn't the same game.  Here's an idea - while you're inventing rules, why not invent a name for it as well so new players aren't confused about what game they are playing.   Following the rules that "someone else" wrote is what is done in every other sport or game.  There are lots of modified versions of most games - some authorized and some just silly fantasy - but the sort of "progressiveness" you espouse is not officially recognized in any game.  It's more like what we did as kids, taking the money from the game of Life and using in Monopoly it to create a sort of "Super Monopoly".  Our version was not recognized, or even known, outside of our group of friends.  We had a blast playing it, but we didn't petition Parker Brothers to endorse our modification.  We knew enough to know that what we enjoyed was really pretty silly, and not something that everyone would like.  We still knew and played by the correct rules too.  
    • How would you handle unmarked GUR in a match?
      By Fourputt · Posted
      I'm sort of wondering why nobody considered declaring the ball unplayable, and dropping under Rule 28.  At least then the bad lie can only be blamed for one additional stroke.  I've done that more than once in situations that might have been marked if the course bothered to do so.     Unmarked GUR is not GUR.  That's all one really needs to know to proceed in the most certain manner.
    • Swing speed vs. loft of driver
      By Slushy · Posted
      Good deal.  Thanks
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