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Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic

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Hi, getting ready to go there for the first time in March.  Our friends have rented a villa,  and we will have enough for a three-some.

I see that caddies are a must for the teeth of the dog

Has anyone played;

Dye Fore?

Teeth of the Dog?

The Links?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



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I was down there in January. great place, make sure you have dinner at the beach club at least one night and go down to the marina at least one night.

Teeth of the dog - the 6 holes along the ocean are top notch, visually stunning and fair. if the wind is blowing they are very difficult. The rest of the course is good but not like the teeth. it was in great condition, plenty of room for driver on just about every hole. you need to make a good approach, all of the greens are raised quite a bit and shaved tight. lots of tight lie wedges or better yet putts from 5,10 or 15 yards. the grain on the bermuda is the least on the teeth but it still is a factor.


my least favorite course - it is still good, raised and shaved greens, most of them are on angles, if your t ball gets out of line the landing areas on the greens can be very small. grain is more in play then on the teeth.

Dye Fore

Awesome mountain course. hard to believe you are on the same resort. it is about a 10 or 15 minute bus ride from the main area to here. Large elevation changes, views of the harbor, the canyon and is stunning. The back 9 you will never forget and #18 is a great finishing hole 600 yard par 5 over mini canyon. the approach shot plays 20 yards longer from 100 marker. Grain is most severe at this course.

Caddie is a must, i would make a request for Sambo...honestly that is his name. caddies are cheap down there, 25 bucks a bag and they will add much enjoyment to all of the rounds.


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