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Adams CB1 PX 6.0 vs. Ping i20 KBS C Taper

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I have had my CB1's for 2 years, I don't play enough to play well with them.  I have hit the i20s w/ stock PIng CFS stiff shafts and loved them.  much more forgiving.  felt forged.  when I hit my CB1s well, I have what I feel is a penetrating ball flight and I can work them both ways.

Has anybody tested the i20s side by side with C Taper vs. CFS Ping shaft, both in stiff?  Any help is much appreciated.  If I am going to spend the $$, I want to get it right.  Alot of what is online about the C Taper is 50/50.  Either absolutely love them, or the folks who wouldn't change.  Thanks.


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    • Tipping your golf instructor
      By iacas · Posted
      Here's what you seem to be missing: I don't think any of the people who tipped me did so because they "expected" anything extra, either. The simple fact is that I appreciated the kind gesture and sought to return it in some small way, even if it means not getting to finish my lunch or something. My barber makes more than minimum wage. So does yours, I imagine. The simple fact is that I tip when I feel someone has already gone above and beyond. That is how I think most everyone who has ever tipped me has done it: they feel that I've already done something to warrant the tip. No, you really didn't. You responded to a piece of what was said and ignored the context and meaning. I tipped because they had already done more than I expected. What they chose to do after that is up to them. Some said thanks and went home. I did not think any less of them, because I was not tipping them hoping they'd do even more. Some took a little extra time to do something else.
    • Tipping your golf instructor
      By ncarlsongolf · Posted
      I think where you are still getting held up is expecting.  I have never said anything is expected from a tip, nor is the tip itself expected.  It is a nice gesture, it goes along way to show your appreciation for whatever service or product was offered and delivered.  You never expect a better haircut because that barber always gives good cuts (just like I would always give good lessons) but you are offering your gratitude (monetarily) for that haircut.  I think you'd be surprised at how far a gesture like that goes.  
    • Gun Laws
      By Golfingdad · Posted
      1) Would a Federal Ban on guns and magazines holding more than 10 rounds reduce violent crimes - 96% said no. 16) If you were Sheriff or Chief, how would you respond to more restrictive gun laws? - 62% said they would NOT enforce them, and another 20% said they were unsure. Bit of a self-fulfilling prophesy there, no?  
    • NHL 2015-16 Season
      By pumaAttack · Posted
      Where did my post go?   Playing defense on the posts now? 
    • Wrists: To Hinge or Not To Hinge?
      By mvmac · Posted
      Couple drills you can do. - Make practice swings or hit 3/4 shots with a tee or glove in your right arm pit (for a righty). The arm will have to fold to keep the tee in there.
      -  Take a club and lie it on the ground perpendicular to a wall. Stand about that distance away from the wall (orange), maybe add another foot, and make a takeaway with the same club and don't hit the wall.
      I think it can "work" but I wouldn't recommend having to think about it unless it's a priority for your swing.
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