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Adams CB1 PX 6.0 vs. Ping i20 KBS C Taper

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I have had my CB1's for 2 years, I don't play enough to play well with them.  I have hit the i20s w/ stock PIng CFS stiff shafts and loved them.  much more forgiving.  felt forged.  when I hit my CB1s well, I have what I feel is a penetrating ball flight and I can work them both ways.

Has anybody tested the i20s side by side with C Taper vs. CFS Ping shaft, both in stiff?  Any help is much appreciated.  If I am going to spend the $$, I want to get it right.  Alot of what is online about the C Taper is 50/50.  Either absolutely love them, or the folks who wouldn't change.  Thanks.


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    • Bought the wrong flex wedge... should I return?
      If you want the flex to match your other irons, you can have it tipped. The R9 has a .370 diameter parallel tip hosel. The R9 specs sheet confirms this, and that the stock steel shaft was a KBS 90 (90 grams). (The KBS 90 and the Chrome 90 appear to be special shafts made just for TaylorMade - these two shaft offerings don't appear in the general components catalogs). As for matching wedge flex to irons, you hear different ideas on this. Some players like the same shaft in irons and wedges, others like a heavier shaft in the specialty wedges, and still others softstep (soften the flex on) the SW and LW if they rarely hit full shots with them. I would suggest you play a little with the R9 SW, and see if you like it as is. Then, you could get it tipped (hardstepped) if you wanted more control. Caution on the Wedgeflex shaft you found: I was unclean on which wedgeflex shaft you had round. If this is a KBS 90 which matches your current irons, go with it. If it is a KBS Tour 90 parallel tip, it has a stiffer tip area than the KBS 90, and weighs about 100 grams. If it's a Dynamic Golf Wedgeflex, this is probably an S200 shaft that weight about 120 grams, and would weigh a whole lot more than any other iron or wedge shaft you play. 
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      76 today 36 on the front 40 on the back I started off hitting the ball better than I ever had. I didn't miss a fairway until somewhere on the back 9 and the only thing that kept me from going low was not being able to convert on key birdie opportunities. Had a real good look at shooting under par but I let my swing get a little quick on the final holes as I played the closing three at +4. Despite a couple errant tee shots and a 4 -putt (yes, a 4-putt...), this was a pretty clean round for me. I feel good going into a 4 day break.  
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      Tiger never got "so big." Have you seen the dude in person? He was not an imposing figure. This is a myth. I get that he can look pretty stacked on TV, but he's not: his shirts were tight, and he was fit, but he wasn't "so big." Like most men, he filled out from the time he was 20 until he was 26, 27…
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      Wrong again! I loved Tiger when he was out there dominating the game. He was great for golf, bringing new fans and attention to the sport. I attended the WGC Bridgestone in Akron when Tiger was in his ascendancy. I tried to follow him, but it was impossible! He had to be dragging 10,000 people around the course! But I, like many others, began to wonder when Tiger got so big. Remember when he first came on tour? A skinny string bean with big, thick glasses. When he showed up at Stanford it was his teammate, Notah Begay, who tagged him with the nickname "Urkel"! Even though Woods and Begay became friends, I don't think Tiger liked "Urkel" very much. And it's been reported that Tiger didn't like the idea of golfers not being considered "real" athletes either. So, if Tiger was juicing he never got caught. Neither did Bonds, Sosa or McGwire. There is no proof, but suspicions remain. It's kind of sad to see Tiger in his current state, trying to claw his way back to the tour. No doubt he has enough money to last the rest of his and his kid's lives, but you don't get to where he was unless you are competitive. I think that might be what Tiger misses the most. I just remembered that he named his yacht "Privacy" because, at the time, that is what he craved. Well, he has plenty of it now. Wonder how that's sitting with him?
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      This is a little gem I found when I was hanging out with my friends just skimming through Netflix. This is a movie that was crowd funded through kickstarter. It has that cheesy 80's action movie coupled with cheesy kung-fu movie feel to it. It just works brilliantly to give you an over the top 30 minutes of enjoyment. I give it an birdie for outstanding exaggerated fun and enjoyment.     
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