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My Swing (jco897j)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 7 Years (not as often as I'd like)

My current handicap index or average score is: 16 (this number is based off of only 5 rounds)

My typical ball flight is: Slight Draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm fairly consistant and satisfied with my swing. I'm looking for some friendly critique.





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Well, it's what is known as a "strong" grip....but I've seen "Stronger" brother in laws is crazy compared to yours.

No, I would not do anything drastic like making major changes to that grip ON YOUR DRIVER. You said that you hit it straight etc so why not. However, you may consider a grip change with your irons if you use the same grip. That grip will hold your iron play back as you work to get better.


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OH, and I forgot to critique your swing!

So not looking to shabby!....two things to work are bringing the club past parallel on the back swing and letting your left arm bend a little at the top....both of which can cause problems during the transition to the downswing.

Maybe start with keeping that left arm straight....might take care of the shaft crossing the line at the top!

But really nice looking swing!


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Along with the changes mike suggested I have a few more.

First i would suggest along with foot flares, to help your pivot i would work a little on leg work. At P4 i would have less flex in the trail leg and more flex in the lead leg. Below you can see the difference between you and Grant. This will help your hips work more rotationally instead of sliding.

When flexing the lead leg i would also suggest to make sure it flexes more towards the toes of the lead foot. Again i have used Grant as an example

Working on the leg work will give you a good base to pivot on. Your upper body will then be able to rotate using the core instead of having to lift with the arms as Mike had mentioned you currently do. It will allow you to get your weight more to your lead side because there will be less movement away from the ball with the lower body.

The last thing i would say is even though your arms get "lifty" as a result of the hip slide. I would also keep an eye on your elbow position at P2. the rate at which your elbow flexes is too fast in the back swing which also contributes to your right elbow getting behind your body at P4( top of back swing) and the swing being too long.

The below picture gives you a visual of how the flex in your trail arm has more flex then grants at P2

In the below picture you can see that relative to your body your right elbow is deeper than Grants is. What i mean is that Grants elbow is more in front of his body. Grants elbow and forearms create roughly a 90 degree angle where as your elbow and forearm create a greater angle. (the bicep and forearm almost touch)

Hope this helps!!


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You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for spending so much time helping!

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