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Lower Launching Shaft?

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I have played a few rounds this year weather permitting and have been hitting my irons into the stratosphere it seems.. I switched from from s300 to kbs tour stiff shafts. And from mizuno mx 25s to mp 59s.. Is it the shaft or have I just developed a new high ball flight., I used to have a normal to low ball flight.. HELP!

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I got fitted for new irons, and went from true temper dynamites (high launch) to ping z-z65 which is a stiff tip club. The difference between the two isn't all that much to be honest. I have been told that I release the lag a little early which means I tend to hit up a little on the ball instead of having that downward drive into the ball then turf. I still get plenty of distance, and plenty of back spin, and I feel comfortable, so I don't worry about it. Also remember the s300 is already a low launch, so i suspect it is likely a swing change with the new season. Check your setup as well, and make sure you the ball is still in the right spot in your stance. Please remember that I am just a hack, so I could be completely wrong.

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Id say the shaft has some to do with it......i have a set of mp-58 with kbs stiff tour shafts....i hit them CRAZY CRAZY HIGH!!!! I also have a set of mx-25 with dynalite s300 in them i hit REALLY HIGH....but not near as high as the other set with kbs shafts.....i think its odd being the smaller, lighter player iron travels higher and further than the stronger lofted, heavier gi clubs......who knows tho......

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Here are the specs for the two:

Shaft FCM Wt (gr.) Bend pt. Tip Profile
KBS Tour S 6.0 120 Mid.High Med.Stiff 4B2H
TT DG S300 5.8 127 High Firm 4C1M

FCM stands for Frequency Cycle Matching, which is used to compare shaft stiffness across brands (there's no industry standard for Stiff)

Both shafts are heavier than average; the S300 has low trajectory and is a bit heavier, and the KBS Tour S has low-mid trajectory and is a bit stiffer.

Details on clubhead design are a bit more uncertain. MP59 ranks in the Player's category (Golf Digest), but has a half-cavity head design which would help get the ball up. The MX25 was an early Mizuno venture into Game Improvement, so it would likely get the ball up too. So, the heads would tend to give a mid-launch to the ball.

Did you get fitted for your new MP59 irons with the KBS shafts?

Did you hit the gym this winter, increase your strength, and now get more clubhead speed?

You might get a lesson, and see if you have a swing change that's getting the ball up higher. If not, you might get the shafts hardstepped to bring down the ball a bit.


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