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Hello from Oklahoma

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I am VERY new to Golf, I am 42 years old.  I watched it when I was growing up because my mom liked watching Seve Ballesteros. I finally decided to start playing.  I know one thing I hope I can play better for real than on Tiger Woods PGA 13 video game, I did really bad, lol.  I retire next year and will be moving to Texas.


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    • Standing on Tee Marker for Aiding a Swing
      One little point.  Tee markers identifying the teeing ground are deemed to be fixed.  They are not obstructions until after the player makes his first stroke from the teeing ground. The only thing I can think of that might be a violation is if the tee marker moved while making his stroke.  See  D13-2/1.1  I'm not sure fairly taking your stance includes putting your foot on a tee marker.   13-2/1.1   Player Attempts to Take Stance Fairly But Improves Line of Play by Moving Interfering Growing Object   Q.A player's ball lies under the branch of a tree. In attempting to take his stance fairly, the player improves his line of play by moving the branch with his body. Before playing, he realizes he could have taken his stance without moving the branch. He abandons his stance and the branch returns to its original position or is returned to its original position by the player. The player then approaches the ball from a different direction, takes his stance without disturbing the branch and makes his stroke. What is the ruling? A.There is no penalty. When fairly taking his stance the player is required to take his stance in the least intrusive manner that results in the minimum improvement in the position or lie of the ball, area of intended stance or swing or line of play. However, as the branch moved as a result of the player's attempt to take his stance fairly and was returned to its original position before the stroke was made, there is no penalty. Any doubt as to whether the branch returned to its original position should be resolved against the player. The same principle would apply to fixed artificial objects (e.g., a boundary stake) if the position or lie of the ball, area of intended stance or swing or line of play is improved as a result of the player's attempt to take his stance fairly but the object is returned to its original position before the player makes a stroke.
    • Your best golfing bargain
      I've scored many ridiculous Craigslist/Goodwill deals but my best is a Par Aide Master golf ball washer with stand and a Par Aid standard pin (19th flag) and cup with a mounting base all brand new for $25. I actually felt a little guilty driving away after that one!
    • What's the Best Product You Own? (Golf Edition)
      I bought a cheapo MacGregor 64 deg. wedge back in the early 90's. Thought it would be fun to chip over furniture in the house. Well that club has never left my bag since. Just bought a duplicate just in case. 64 wedge&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684
    • Birdie Ball
      I take one of those rubber tee things that go in the range mats, turn it upside down onto a broken wooden tee to hold it up straight.
    • Grips really matter??
      I think that with a soft grip like Winn you squeeze the club too hard. Firm is better and I would error on the side of larger than smaller. Smaller grips cause hooks for me. I play Ping NTS wrap grips white color code which is one size larger than I was fit for. With the right grip you sometimes won't even need to wear a glove.
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