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Pushed shots

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Sorry guys i do not have a current video this yr but i am working on one. I am having trouble with pushing my golf shots. My natural ball shape is a fade. Lately ive been pushing almost all my golf shots. I found out that i had the ball too far back in stance and that was the original cause. Ive adjusted the ball forward in my stance which helped alot . Now ive developed opening up my hips too quick and diping my back shoulder which is causing me to have an open club face so again causes me to have weak shots to the right . I need some help fixing these faults any body have any ideas or drills how to correct this. Thanks for the help

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In the past I've had a problem with pushes, and determined my swing (as seen from divot direction) were on target, but my pushes were due to not getting the club face closed.  I was able to fix it with the following tips I read on here:

" Once my wrists are set at the top, it feels like I just hold that position into the finish.  They unhinge, of course, but it doesn't feel like it to me.  I don't open the face on the way back so there is no need to square it on the way down.  Just hinge it square, set it, then swing through.  As far as forearms, I like to feel like you could put a plate horizontal on my forearms at 3 o clock and 9 o clock."

"Here's what corrects it for me, when I go back to basics . The back swing is initiated by starting to rotate the upper body. If you move your arms, hands or anything else, you're already off plane. There is a triangle formed from shoulder to shoulder to the hands - try and maintain that triangle on the back swing for as long as possible. Take the club back along the target line. Do not rotate, turn, pull (whatever) the arms and hands anywhere but where the triangle leads them."

Let us know what works for you.


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      I have an RBZ 3W but I only use it off the tee so I don't think you can really call it a "Fairway" wood in my hands. I used to have a 5W but the RBZ 3H goes further and has more manageable misses so that was a no brainer as my "longest off the turf club" (200-215 or so)
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      Yeah probably something like that.
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      At my  home course there is a group of about 4 to 12 golfers who play always with money on the line.  I only play occasionally. We call it rangs, and everyone throws in 5 or 10 dollars.  Birdies or better ,won alone, pay out. One tie all tie and that hole is eliminated.  If all 18 holes are tied. Money is returned.  If only one hole is won outright it could be a nice payout.  Most rounds have two or three and they divide the money.  It makes for an interesting time.  We have a variation when a wide variety of handicaps are playing in Myrtle Beach.  The money is kept to a quarter a hole same method of paying one tie all tie no carryovers, and winners divide the money but you only need pay afterwards. A max of 4.50 a person could be lost if all 18 were won and you weren't in on a winning hole.  We keep a Myrtle Beach to balance out between high and low handicaps. It does keep ones interest.  The money level doesn't seem to matter. As they say it is the action.
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      Please, don't wet your towel at the drinking fountain. First, if you are not cautious, your dirty towel might touch the spigot, from which someone else is going to pour water to drink. Second, you are wasting good and usually very cold water meant to drink on something of a way different nature, and not all courses replenish their fountain coolers quickly enough: this just makes it worse. This walker who needs to drink at the cooler (or more precisely refill his bottle) thanks you.
    • Longest Iron in Your Bag (and why?)
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      Started off this season at 6i and am now at 4i I've been really mulling over this part of my bag lately. Two years ago when I started and had a shitty swing, I was all about hybrids and carried various 3-4-5 hybrids (sometimes replacing the 3 with a 5w). As my iron swing has improved (a big reason being my MySwing Thread...thanks guys) my higher lofted hybrids began to hook BADLY and especially off the tee for some reason (4h is cobra s3 max and 5h WAS callaway Diablo Edge). I got an AP1 5i off Ebay for $6.50 and the thing is a total beast (its also stiff and my other irons are regular so that might be a factor) I then decided to go one step further and got an RBZ 4i (20 degrees) and try it out. I've only hit it on the range but it seems to go a tad further than 4i on good hits but MUCH less consistent off ground. Off the tee though, the 4i is absolute money so I'm gonna keep it for now as a driving iron. The problem is, my 4h although hookish off the tee is pretty solid in bad lies and when I'm 185 out. I'm playing this sunday at course with a few short tight par 4s and long par 3s where the 4i could definitely be used. To make room, I'm taking out my gap wedge. For my handicap I'm pretty decent with partial wedge swings so I'm not too worried about that but still feel weird carrying D, 3W, 3H, 4i (20*)-4H(23*) at the top end. It is glad to see that I'm not alone in tinkering with this area of the bag though...thanks guys!
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