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Putter Fit

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so i was tooling around my local golf store and hitting some putters. i am growing to hate my insert putters. i have a taylormade ghost that i never take with me because i'm scared i'm going to mar the white finish (it was a gift). i actually dropped it one time on a wedge and took a nice chunk out of the finish. i bought a stainless taylormade with an insert that i started carrying regularly because i didn't care about it, but i just can't stand how off center hits feel.

anyway i was blindly grabbing every used non-insert putter they had in the anser style and trying them out when i came to one that i loved. it had a really nice click when you hit it and it had a repeatable predictable sweet spot. i checked the tag and saw it was $100 and figured this was my new putter. a few more hits and my wife pointed out it was more expensive than i thought it was. it actually said $100 off of what it would be new, which made it $190. i checked out the make so i could remember what it was and it was of course a scotty cameron. the cheesy grip and misread price tag threw me off, but it was a newport 2.5 with the solid face. it was pretty roughed up too and i just couldn't talk myself into getting it right then.

i decided to come back home and do some research and see if i can find something that was similar for a lower price tag. i've been looking around trying to figure out what made this putter so much more comfortable and decided to ask around here.

the putter ends up more level and square when i get to the ball without be trying to be completely robotic. i also like the shaft/head connection. it's not as kicked out as my putters. i tried some other scotty camerons including some new ones, but they didn't feel right, they also had a typical neck like most anser putters.

so anyway i'm looking into putter in that style or for people to just tell me that if i hit it good, buy it. either way i'm open for all recommendations or putters to try. also if you know specifications that this designs follow that would be great. it's hard to search when you don't know the terminology.

here are some pictures of an identical putter so you can see what i'm talking about the neck:

and this is the style i'm trying to get away from:


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      By Abu3baid · Posted
      Welcome to the site. If you had hit that first putt in the video I would have said that you had a chance, however since you missed it I have a hard time giving you the thumbs up..  Check back though when your HC is at a +3 / +4 and another video of you hitting that same putt and I will reconsider! Good Luck!
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      Well, after reading this thread, I'm going to try it.    Figure my best opportunity would be a nice fluffy lie in the first cut, not off a tight fairway lie ... I like pulling off unusual shots, so why not choke up a little and give it a go ...
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      It could affect handicap if it pushes one of your ten best out of the last twenty but only by whatever the difference is in the next lowest score that replaces it. But if your handicap is legitimate that score is probably close as your 11th best. The movement would be minimal. 
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      Agreed. I searched this way on the old site and it usually worked well. Here, the My Swing thread you want could be many pages down the results.  I suggested an enhancement on the other site features thread to include a link in the profile to their My Swing thread- like the Game Golf link will be there. Definitely useful for me as I enjoy browsing swing threads when I see comments in other areas. 
    • TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.
      By avmech · Posted
      Seems to be working well
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