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New clubs callaway strata

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My friend is brand new to golf and want to buy a set. Are the strata clubs be good? I saw an ad for a full set driver 3w 5w 3h4h 5-gw for $175. I have a set of taylormade burner bubble shafts. Should I upgrade too? I'm not very good yet and am rather inconsistent. I figured I would buy new clubs once I was a little better. Thanks in advance for any help

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    • I Really Dislike the "Golf Dinosaur" Commercials
      By JP golf · Posted
      I hate this one!!! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it...   Now this one, I want to throw the remote at the TV -  I don't know why, but I can't stand it. Golf Dinosaur- not so bad - but stupid
    • What is your target score?
      By JP golf · Posted
      Target vs. Expectation?...  I guess honestly I go in thinking 39-39=78 target.  My goal is +1 every three holes (or better of course).  Now, actual expectations...  82 or lower - anything above 82 and I feel like I struggled around the course that day.  78 and I'm happy but I expect somewhere between 78-82. I adjust a little based on the course that I'm playing but I guess 78 is my base target.  I don't really target any lower because I feel like I'm putting undue pressure on myself to score and I like to keep it fun.  If I start pressing and pushing to much I'll start to look at hazards and lose focus on what I'm trying to do vs. being worried about what I might do...   Hope that makes a little sense. Yea, so my allowance is 1 bogey every three holes - =Target 78  (assuming par 72 course)
    • Longest Iron in Your Bag (and why?)
      By Mike Boatright · Posted
      A 2 iron is 18 deg a one can be 18 bent strong or 16 deg. It makes no difference if your Ben Hogan or just the average Joe playing long irons only has marginal advantages compared to 5 woods and hybrids in fact it's almost non existent! Unless your a super high speed player who needs a club for the British open to tee off with on certain holes then woods are simply better it's a fact. A 1 iron is basically a shorter stiffer 15 deg 3 wood.
    • Tom Watson turns down PGA Hall of Fame off over Bishop
      By Broke100Once · Posted
      Bingo.  Bishop was on the way out, it was just a matter of time.  The Poulter incident was a conveniently-timed last straw.
    • Davis Love: 'Hard to imagine' no Tiger, Phil on Ryder Cup
      By Broke100Once · Posted
      They should both be assistant captains to prepare them for their inevitable stints as Ryder Cup captain.  Phil could captain the team as soon as 2018, in fact.
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