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Natural Golf Clubs

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Hello all, I am new to golf. Have only been playing for 6 months now. I bought a complete set of Natural Golf clubs on Craigslist for 75$. Includes: 3,5,7 woods, 5-9 irons, and pw gw sw lw plus a putter. Also has a driver, but I leave that at home because I'm still trying to contain the 3 wood. What do you all think of these clubs as a starter set? I know the grips are strange, but otherwise I know little about them in comparison to a set by a more traditional brand. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks

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They made several models. Some were better than others but none were great -- and they were overpriced. But, for $75 they are not overpriced. Older models were heavy. This could be good or bad for a starter set depending on your opinion about control vs feeling the club head. The grips are oversized and not tapered. They were designed for a ten-finger grip which was and is a bad idea. But the shafts will take regular grips. The lie was often very upright -- I think their idea of standard was at least 2* upright and about 1/2" long. If you can get the lie checked, and then bent to fit your body size, and you re-grip them, they would be good-as-any garage sale set.

If the woods are the copper woods, people liked them and they feel great when stuck well. If the lies were not so upright, I might even bust out my old ones.


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    • What'd You Shoot Today?
      By dsal89 · Posted
      77 today!   41 on the front, 36 on the back.      This his was really nice. I blew up my last two times out after shooting 79 and 83 then followed those with 86 and 87.    I'd have to count the score card, but had 2 3 birds which tied my best for one round 
    • Garage practice area
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      Actually I remembered there is a golf facility nearish my house. Indoor simulators, like 8 outdoor heated tee boxes. So that's nice!   def a pitching chipping and putting thing going on in my garage over the winter 
    • "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge (October 2015)
      By Mr. Desmond · Posted
      I'm not part of the club since I will not remember to post here on a daily basis. But I do get a kid's club and pick it up for about 5 minutes almost every day I do not go to the range or play.   Today  was a range day - keeping the arms in front of me and connected with body is the primary issue, then smooth transition, get club in front with close elbows, weight forward, and turn to a full finish.
      Lots of wedges.   Hit some drivers -- someone needs to review the new GBB - it is a beast.
    • Why after around 60 shots i start to hit bad? (At Driving Range)
      By DrvFrShow · Posted
      Can I make a suggestion? Well I will anyway. Set yourself up for success, not failure. 1. When you go to the range work on your priority piece. Warm up, stretch. 2. Have a series of drills that you do to work on your priority piece. I do sets of five balls and take a little break in between each set to think about what I was doing. I'll do four sets of these per club, but break them into groups of two sets. I take frequent  breaks. My range has 100 ball large buckets, and I'll work five clubs. Right now I'm working my LW, SW, PW, 8i, and 6i. Priority piece only. 3. I start with my PW > 8i > 6i > SW > LW, then repeat it. 4. When I hit my last ball in the each set that set is over. No matter what the shot looked like. When I hit the last ball in the series with the club that part of the drill is over. It's done. Gone. It doesn't matter if I hit a great shot or duffed it. Move on. Last ball of the bucket: it's over. Pick up the clubs and go home, or if the green is in good shape and you still want to futz around, putt. Then go home. But your drill is over. Done. Let it go. Don't go and hunt for an extra ball if you screwed up one. You don't get a mulligan on the course. You have to learn to let it go. So if you have a bucket of 60 balls, divide your practice for 60 balls. You can do a decent practice with that number of balls. When your bucket is empty it's over. You're done. Hitting balls is hard work. Maybe you're not ready to hit 200 balls yet? If you want to hit more, you need to work your way up to it. It's a repetitive motion. Playing golf is not. Do you follow me? I have to limit myself to 100 balls now and no more daily practice - every other day now and weight training in between due to injuries. So I have to be smarter about how I practice. There have been a time when my tray had like 20 balls in it. My goal was to hit 10 good shots in a row. I did it. I had 8 balls left. I put my club in the bag and left. I accomplished my goal. The drill was over.  
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      Exotics Anyone?
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