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Golf Channel's "Fantasy Challenge" - State Your Picks!

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This week: Fedex St. Jude Classic & Women's LPGA Championship


Group 1: Tim Clark

Group 2: Charles Howell III

Group 3: David Hearn

Group 4: Robert Allenby

LPGA Championship

Group 1: Beatriz Recari

Group 2: Jessica Korda

Group 3: Sandra Gal

Group 4: Ryann O'Toole

(Don't know much about the LPGA... so I just picked the sexiest players. )


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Fedex St. Jude's Classic

Group 1: Brandt Snedeker

Group 2: Jeff Maggert

Group 3: Matt Jones

Group 4: Brandt Jobe

Wegman's LPGA Championship

Group 1: Stacy Lewis

Group 2: Jessica Korda

Group 3: Sandra Gal

Group 4: Reilley Rankin


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For the BMW Championship: Group One: Sergio Garcia Group Two: Jim Furyk Group Three: Angel Cabrera Group Four: Seung Yul-Noh (I know this thread is very old, but I didn't want to start a new one and I wanted a chance to show off my [Awful] picks. :-))

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    • Signing an Incorrect Scorecard
      It matters. Please read the last paragraph of my original post (the one that explains why I'm tracking a bogus HI). I'm using an online Handicap tracker. My HI is not legitimate on a couple levels. I don't belong to a club and I play the vast majority of my rounds by myself. That's why I don't show a HI in my profile. It's only important that I play by the rules because I want an honest assessment of my progress. I may never play in a tournament, but if I do, I'd like to be bit more familiar with how these things are done. Just because I suck at golf doesn't mean I can try to learn the rules.
    • Hitting behind the ball and making deep divots...
      I took a look at your my swing thread - looks like you've gotten some good advice there and made some solid improvements.  FWIW - I posted this thread here called "What is the Secret of the Golf Swing" . .and I said that, for me, it was realizing how not to aim at the ball.  This "realization" helped me fix a lot of the things I see in your swing.  I'd been told lots and lots of times - don't hit at the ball, swing through to the target . but it didn't make sense to me . .until one day it suddenly did.  Anyway - while I suffered from this misconception - I had a variety of bad shots.  On my good days I could hit it pretty good.  On my bad days anything could happen . .I could slice it, hit it fat, pull hook it, top it, skull it, etc.  Anyway - it's not as easy as just "don't hit at the ball" . .or, as I think of it.  .don't aim "the energy of your swing at the back of the ball".   Speaking just for myself, it took a lot of practice and lessons to get to where I could "suddenly have this realization".  But . .in the meantime - you are hitting it fat (or whatever) because you're making a lot of corrections for some fundamentals that are off.  And, for sure, fatigue would have a lot to do with it.  The more fatigued you are, the less likely you'll be to make this corrections successfully .  If you get lessons or sign up for evolvr or just keep posting in the myswing thread - you can get the (slow) way forward - it's by focusing on one thing and then the next and then the next and yada yada.  I couldn't say what your "next thing" to work on is, though.     
    • "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge May 2016
      Practicing different speeds of backswing almost making a drill of it.  Super slow checking positions, then slow, then kind of slow and swing  . I think I had one day of my reply to topic not posting bc sometimes my phone is crappy but was able to do the next morning and had two entries that day.  Its up to the powers that be if I completed the challenge. 
    • My Swing (Masher41)
      Better video. Full swing.
    • Presidential Race 2016
      I wouldn't trust a FOX poll more than i would trust an NBC poll.  Most polls have the undecided vote easily in the high teens to over 20%, Here are the questions FOX'd asked. Not really exactly the title they showed in that article. Also, they asked the people, "If you don't know: Well, which way do you lean?". That is a crap question to just to tighten up the uncertainty. That way they can just clump them all under Trump or Hillary when they might actually be truly undecided.  This poll is skewed towards the two minority parties anyways. Here is the national party affiliation, The nation is 25% Republican, 44% Independent, and 31% Democrat. The people who answered the poll identified as 40% democrat (+9%), 41% Republican (+17%), 16% Independent ( -28%). No wonder Hillary and Trump got in the mid 40's, that is who they asked the questions from.   
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