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Hello from Bowling Green, Kentucky

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HI all! I've been a long time reader but I just decided to go ahead and join. I'm 23 years old and have been playing golf for about 3 years now. My swing is far from perfect but I love the game and aspire to get better. I'm looking forward to picking up some great tips from good players as well as help out people that I can as I improve my swing and get better myself. I look forward to being a contributing part of this community and can't wait to improve my game!


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    • The Films and Movies Thread
      A little late finding this - X-Men, Days of Future Past Quicksilver scene in realtime.   
    • Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?
      I'd be curious to see just what Jack said. I think "10 or 15" having a chance to win for typical PGA Tour events in any era is an exaggeration of the relative weakness of the fields. Even before there was a depth of talent in the U.S. and the 'golf craze' here took off, the money drew top level golfers from overseas who were following the better money available here in tournaments and pro positions. I accept there's been a general strengthening of fields as the expansion in prize money and the total population of competitive golfers (see chart below) have forced top golfers to have more preparation and polish, but I don't think there's really ever been a lack of generally elite level competition on the PGA tour or at the Majors since about the 20's or 30's. I think if the effect of a tiny number of truly top level competitors taking on a bunch of club pro relative 'dubs' was as strong as you seem to think that most of the top multiple Major winners would be golfers from the early days of the tour. But to me it looks pretty balanced across eras. I'll see if I can work up some actual numbers. By the 1920s there were likely about 1.5 million golfers (in the U.S. alone), which is a pretty healthy base from which to draw potential 'top talent'. Total participation in golf from when Jack started to when Tiger started roughly tripled. As far as rating 'achievement' you play in the era you play with the existing disadvantages and advantages. IMO, if Jack had grown up as a contemporary of Tiger with the same advantages of technology and swing instruction / coaching and the same disadvantages of a greater number of potential competitors that they would both have risen to elite levels and would have regularly been battling for Amateur and Major Championships. I don't think the potential ranges of human abilities / talent really change much in a few generations. Would I consider Tiger more competitively vetted, yes. Do I think that means his talent level and achievements were automatically greater than Jack's? No. I could see valuing Tiger's win total more than Jack's (and certainly Snead's with some 'iffy' events in the total) because of the relative talent base depth, but not sure that transfers as readily to the performance in Majors, particularly the Opens. I think it would have been amazing and exciting to be able to see them compete at their peaks rather than a boring foregone conclusion.  
    • 2016 Waste Management Phoenix Open Discussion
      I really like Hideki's takeaway... Nice smooth swing.
    • 2016 Waste Management Phoenix Open Discussion
      Fowler is one the fastest on tour, anyone is going to look slower than usual playing alongside him.
    • AMA Thread (@iacas)
      I mowed lawns when I was a kid. I don't think that quite counts. I delivered local "coupon newspapers" (the "Greensheets") when I was also a kid. That sucked, but I was paid something like nine cents per paper delivered. I hated it though. They weighed a lot, and I had to pick them up every Friday and deliver them for a few hours every Saturday morning. Year-round. I washed cars for a month (on weekends) at a local car dealership. I got to drive a Dodge Viper around the block. They didn't care that I was 15 and didn't have my driver's license yet… Yeah, I still don't know what they were thinking on that one. I had my learner's permit, but… so what? I was driving cars from the lot into the street and down to the washing bay half a block away, and then back up to the lot. I worked at the Erie Zoo (which ran the ice rink next door during the winter) for about a full year. I often ran the carousel. I still hate certain songs, particularly the ones we played during the annual Zoo Boo. "I put a spell on you…" makes me irrationally angry.  (Not really, but I still hate hearing the song.) That was an actual job, with a W2 or a W9 or whatever stuff you fill out. Concessions and rides and whatnot at the Erie Zoo. I'd like to think I was a good employee. I once even got a speeding ticket (the cops loved to sit, I'd later discover, at the base of a very large hill near the zoo) and still made it to work and punched in before my start time.
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