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Cleveland RTX CB Black Pearl wedge.

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I have Cleveland CG 14 wedges in 56* and 60*. The 56* is my scoring wedge! I have a lot of confidence with it around the green. How much better would the new RTX cavity back wedges be?

Are the ROTEX grooves any better than the ZIP grooves on the CG 14s?



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    • Tipping your golf instructor
      By pumaAttack · Posted
      I agree with these far more than I do with tipping.   Especially if that instructor gives special instruction only after a tip is received, seems super shady to me.
    • President's Cup Matches
      By ncarlsongolf · Posted
      I am interested in the President's Cup matches for a couple reasons, but mostly I want to see Jordan Speith v. Jason Day.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  What are you most interested in seeing throughout the week?   I do not personally think that the Pres. Cup will ever be on the level of the Ryder Cup, not sure why, maybe its just the history involved.  It has a different feel, but it just doesn't get the same recognition as the Ryder Cup.   Any predictions?   I've got it as USA 18-16!    Sidenote:  How awesome that it is going to be on Primetime??
    • Tipping your golf instructor
      By nevets88 · Posted
      There are other ways to show appreciation in addition to tipping. Send as many people as you can his/her way. Give props on social media. Post his/her instruction vids, leave positive comments on his/her posts. Take more lessons, work on something other than long game.
    • My Swing (RandallT)
      By RandallT · Posted
      Well, I got my Evolvr analysis back on the swing above. Not a surprise, but it seems to be quite a regression in progress from previously. I had been working in the mirror pretty diligently on shortening my backswing, laying the club down on the downswing, losing the steepness at A5, and not cupping my left wrist. Well, in doing that, I made a total mess of things it seems. I picked up a few of my old bad habits, and created new issues. I don't recall ever having my arms come too far inside on the takeaway, for example. Now it stands out as something I need to undo. My lesson is that I should not be self-congratulatory that I spend a lot of time in the mirror doing what I think is good work. I was actually doing substantial damage to my swing, I think. Duh. I should've known because my range sessions after submitting the video were truly awful- even with my new G30.  Also, on the range, I thought I was reviewing video and making sure the picture was improving. Nope, I was conning myself that what I was feeling was looking better on the video. If anything, my swing is worse.  Also, I need to understand better what the heck I'm doing before I try to invent ways to do it in slow motion. I have zero clue what it means to lay the club down on the downswing. I mean, I know what it means... but I have no idea how to create that effect so I was just guessing how to do it. In my slow motion swings, I believe I was ingraining some goofy way with my forearms of artificially laying the club flatter as I started the downswing. When I sped it up, there was no hope that it would work. So my lesson is: do some slow motion swings on video and send those in. I'll try to do that soon.  I have a better idea on some mechanics that should lead to the flattening of the downswing now, thanks to the recent analysis. I simply need to understand more about what my instructor is telling me to do, and not work on it unless I truly understand! I should've asked for clarification last time, but I marched on thinking I could figure it out myself. That was a month wasted on stuff that was pointless or damaging. Again, duh. Back to the process. Although this was a step back, hopefully there's a couple steps forward in the next weeks ahead.  
    • What is your target score?
      By flopster · Posted
      I see the point some make about not wanting to focus or be reminded of where they are but the truth is we do think about it or let ourselves be reminded, I think being honest about it being somewhere in the back of your mind will help in the long run in dealing with the pressure versus using mental focus to block it out, I just don't see the latter being an effective method towards preparing for tournament or especially match play. Personally I rarely play now without something riding on it just so being in other pressure situations will not seem so big. Think about it if you always played casual rounds with the least amount of pressure upon you there is no way you could perform on any consistent level when the pressures on.
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