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Surprises & Disappointments 2013 - Part 2

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Way back in March I sat down and wrote who I thought were my biggest surprises and disappointments of the year. The LPGA had only played 5 tournaments at that point. So much has changed since then. The LPGA has now completed 15 of its 28 tournaments, and I would like to take another look.


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What's the LPGA? ;)) Sorry pal, don't follow them as much as you do I guess..

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    • Do You Use a Divot Repair Tool?
      By old man1953 · Posted
      I have one, and use it to repair other peoples ball marks, but unfortunately I don't hit greens often enough to leave one myself....
    • WITB Photo Edition!
      By LBlack14 · Posted
      With the NEW site look I can't see most of the pictures. What's up???
    • Do You Use a Divot Repair Tool?
      By colin007 · Posted
      Yeah but the single prong is more likely to tear than push. Imho
    • Gun Laws
      By mmoan2 · Posted
      I read the whole thing and respect the opinion. I even agree with the premise to a degree. If instructors in a school were armed and trained, they could prevent far more deaths when an armed killer enters the room. I also agree that making it mandatory for every classroom instructor in any school to have a concealed firearm is untenable for several reasons (aside from being wildly expensive and just honestly dumb). I don't see what voluntary arming of teachers will solve, though. I would wager that 95% of college professors wouldn't arm, and 80% of other teachers wouldn't do it. So out of the 15 or so mass shootings in the past 5 years, 1 or 2 may have had fewer casualties. Mass shootings are not the big problem, though. 273 of gun homicides since 2009 were due to mass shootings. Almost 12,000 gun homicides occurred in 2013 alone. That's nearly 60,000 over a 5-year period. Then there's nearly 19,000 annually from suicide. Another 90k or so in 5 years. Suicides are 5 times more likely to occur when access to a firearm is available. It's much quicker and easier. For every "who cares if you want to kill yourself" you might throw out there, there's a depressed bullied teenager who ends his/her life over something small. And as to mental health - it's a red herring. Serious mental illness, like bipolar 1 or paranoid schizophrenia with hallucinations, etc. are not as common in these cases as you might think. Social anxiety disorder, depression, etc. are so common among youth that I couldn't see crisis intervention helping much unless the parents buy in. Anyway, enough said from me. Enjoyed the reads.
    • Best Shot of the Week
      By Cupcakus · Posted
      Hit my first par 5 in two yesterday, bombed my drive down the middle, 220 to green center, I decide to just try it.  The green is a narrow shot behind trees (picture provided) and I killed a 3 wood right down the middle to land on the right edge about 20ft from the hole.
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