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Hello everyone!

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry to bother you all with such a question but i am new to golf. By new i mean i have played once. The one time i played i shot a 56 (+20) I have never ever played golf before because i have always thought it was stupid. Much to my poor assumption i ended up loving it. Now i am 5"10 and am 15, i am a lefty and i really want to keep golfing. Did i do as bad as the person i played with made me feel like i did or did i do somewhat decent. i truly do not know much about golf so sorry if this is a stupid commonly asked question. Its hard getting help from the person i play with because he is right handed and is my age so he is not a very good teacher... Any tips whether it is a youtube video or anything would be appreciated.

thanks, TheNewKid

Edit: by the way if it helps i play baseball football and basketball but am thinking of narrowing it down a little


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I'd say that's very good for just playing your first 9 holes. Check out Mark Crossfield's videos on YouTube. He has 2 channels, "Mark Crossfield" and "4golfonline". He has helped me tremendously and I have learned a lot about my swing and the golf swing in general because of him. I'd be pretty surprised if his videos don't help your game.

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Thank you!

You're welcome. Glad I could help. Also, I suggest making a swing video for the Member Swing section of the site so people can give you swing tips, drills you dhould practice based on your swing, and advice.


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    • TST Member Review - The Tee Claw
      Product Name: The Tee Claw
      Product Type: Tee Holder for Golf Mats
      Product Website/URL: www.teeclaw.com
      Cost: $15 Ratings (out of 5):
      Quality: 4
      Value: 4
      Effectiveness: 4
      Durability: tbd
      Esthetic Appeal: 4   Link to Discussion Thread   My Member Revie I was able to take the Tee Claw to one of our open local ranges on Sunday. As stated above, I cut down a few tees ahead of time to the right height so I wouldn't have to do it at the range. I set the Tee Claw in the mat below then put my driver next to it to get the right height. This mat is an All Turf mat, which is similar to the Real Feel mats with a little less dense weave. The mat is made of woven fibers. At the range, the first thing I noticed was this range has two types of mats; a cheap imitation turf mat where the rubber tee goes and a tighter weave mat. The Tee Claw had no issue with the woven mat, but would not grab the cheap mat fibers. The video below shows this. The cheap mat only has fibers that run vertically and are not woven together. Undaunted, I used the woven mat for the test. I set the Tee Claw up with just one lanyard pulled straight back. This distance is about 30 inches. I hooked the tee under the mat with a tee as is suggested in the Tee Claw site video. The tee fits snug into the Tee Claw base. I used my driver to test the set up. The Tee Claw moved after the shot, but the tee stayed in place. I was worried that I would lose the tee, but this didn't happen. This will save on tees if this happens routinely. I took three swings with this set up. The Tee Claw came loose after the shot, but stayed on the mat.
      Next, I set up the Tee Claw with two lanyards. The second lanyard was set up as a guide for my swing path. This will come in handy as a training aid.
      After hitting, the tee stayed in. The Tee Claw moved. You can see below, it recoiled and twisted a bit. It took a few seconds to untangle it and set it back up. If you are the kind of player who rapid fire hits balls, this may get annoying. But if you are like me and take your time, the extra set up time is not an issue. If I am doing slow motion drills, I would use the rubber tee. But once I am hitting to observe ball flight, I would use the Tee Claw instead.
      Lastly, mats seem to be the key for the Tee Claw to work. Good mats with a weave work the best. I have two mats at home, the All Turf mat I showed above and one I got when buying a Birdie Ball net. They are below. I apologize for not cleaning the dead grass off the mat! It was cold out. The Tee Claw had no issues with either of these mats. I would take the mat type into consideration when you purchase the Tee Claw.
      At $15, the Tee Claw is not a big investment and worth the money for being able to set your tee height while practicing on mats. I've resorted to cutting down rubber tees to the right height before, but this is a better way. Try it out!
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    • My Swing (PhraseUniverse)
      Thanks for the advice. I will work on this over the week and post another video this weekend. 
    • Quitting a round early - Why Would You Quit?
      I can't recall ever quitting for a reason other than rain.  And I will play through a certain amount, especially if I have a cart with a windshield.
    • New GolfNow layout is Awful
      Maybe part of why I don't mind this layout is I just use the find courses near me option and just check hot deals. I rarely travel far to play considering there are at least 30 public courses within 20 miles of me. 
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