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TaylorMade Ghost Tour TM-880 Putter

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Right Hand
Great Condition - very small paint chip/neck on toe of putter. You can BARELY see it at address. (pictured below) Id rate it 8/10.
Stock TM Putter grip.
Comes with headcover

$65 shipped or best offer.


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    • Do you KNOW your score as you play?
      By mvmac · Posted
      Same here, I just kind of know where I am.
    • TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.
      By WUTiger · Posted
      New site has a very crisp, sleek look to it. I see no major problems, but I do have some questions on minor issues: 1. Both iacas and mvmac have darker text with excellent contrast in their sig lines. The Sigs of me and most other posters are faint and washed out. What's the secret for darker text, without putting everything in bold? 2. In Sigs, bullet items have a full  horizontal line space between them.  You two have less air between separate lines. What is the secret (for sigs and for posts in general). 3. Instructions mention that avatars have Facebook dimensions. Mine now looks very spread out left to right. Should the avatar be photo-shopped into a square image? Thanks, W
    • What is your target score?
      By Mr. Desmond · Posted
      I should add that my goal  on any one hole is nothing more than bogey.  If I do that,  with a combination of talent and management, then the score will be more pleasing. But yes, I am managing  for the lowest  score possible
    • Paralyzing fear!!!
      By dave s · Posted
      As a relatively new player, my wife had similar paralyzing fears when she first started playing.  Here are a few: 1.  She preferred to ride along with me on hole #1, then begin her round at #2 tee box. Only if there was absolutely nobody within her view would she tee off on #1. 2. She had this impression that all golfers, except her of course, were similar in skill level to those we see on TV.  She was a big golf watcher and has gone with me to WGC at Firestone several times as well.  Took about 3 years of me stopping her on the course to watch other players with much less fortunate swings than hers. 3. She literally freaked out on her first round of golf on a course with houses/condos lining the fairways.  "HOUSES??!!! YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HOUSES ON GOLF COURSES!!!"  As luck would have it, I wasn't paying attention when she air mailed a green from inside 100 yards with her 7-wood!  Ball cleared the green, the street and came to rest in the front yard of a homeowner who happened to be in the driveway washing his car! 4. During her 5th year of playing was the first time she agreed to be paired up with anybody other than me.  From the forward tees, she can bomb 'em way past me on occasion.  She can bomb 'em past most guys when the forward tees provide her with a reasonable advantage.  Finally, some confidence after 5 years of playing the game. 5.  She broke 100 for the first time this year.  This is her 7th season playing.  She counts 'em all, thoroughly enjoys the game and swears like a sailor at just the right time. So there you have it.  A woman who began golfing later in life, playing in a male-dominated activity and enjoying it to the fullest ... most of the time! And just remember, golf is supposed to be FUN!!!  Enjoy the time out there. Dave
    • The Dangers of Fixing a Fault in Your Swing
      By JonMA1 · Posted
      Agree 100% (I'm working on it). This is what I meant in the rest of my paragraph when I said there would be no chance for any real improvement with a my old swing. I think the expression "polishing a turd" applies to trying to play good golf with a bad swing. And speaking of getting older (I'm 54), I think a bad swing could conceivably cause more physical damage to our bodies (I'm not a Dr., I just play one on the Internet).
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