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Improved distance off the tee!

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Hey All

Around the first of July, I ask which ball was best of the tee with a 88 mph swing speed and I appreciate the reponses from all. I went back to a pro and got refitted with a new driver. Increased my speed to an average of 95 mph and about 40 more yards of distance and carry. Didn't have to change brand of balls either!!! Happy Camper Now!!! Thanks again to everyone and their suggestions.



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    • Cart GPS - thanks goodness for what it can do
      My home course finally decided to join 21st century and replaced all their aging carts with new ones.   The new ones came with a GPS.   It's not new - I've seen it in other courses and it was great.   But I am amazed how much it can improve our golf experience.   For those who have been using the GPS, what other good features am I missing from below?   GPS - exactly to the pin.   They must "laser" it and enter the data every day.   I don't need my laser rangefinder anymore.  On rainy or frost days when it's cart path only, the cart is automatically disabled when it enters into fairway.   Every time I see golfers ignore cart path only rule I cringe for the damage they are doing to the course.   No more. For every so often, GPS will pop up a friendly message to fix divots & ball marks.   Yeah!   Hopefully, these reminders work on some. For holes with blind spots, a similar pop up message shows up.   And cart location of front group are displayed on screen.   You have no excuse to hit into a front group anymore. One can order food and drinks using the GPS touch screen.   No more delays ordering food at the 9th hole cafe where sometimes, the group behind has to wait for the front group to get their sandwiches.  
    • How Long to Play 9?
      If I were a single less that 75 minutes in a cart. Walking about 90 minutes. It has been a long time since I have played as a single and even longer since I have played with no one in front of me so it is just a guess.
    • Interesting company on Friday's round and an etiquette lesson
      Wow. Two visits from a marshal on the same day. Yikes. For what its worth, I have one guy I play with regularly that still believes the guy off the green plays first even when closer to the hole. I tried to explain it to him once and haven't bothered again since he's casual. You sir, hit the trifecta. Playing with a stickler who is both a d-bag and wrong at the same time. 
    • Interesting company on Friday's round and an etiquette lesson
      Well . if I remember the sequence of events correctly, the marshal did come over and tell him to keep the cart off the green a hole or 2 before I said anything to him about walking on lines.  The marshal visited us twice - once for slow play (him) and again for the carts on the green . .not sure which was first, lol.  I've had nothing but good luck with pairings except for that day.      Oh yeah . .another annoying thing about this guy and his partner (think it was his girlfriend) was that they were in a cart at all.  This was at a 9 hole par 3 course (the one that Tiger played one when he was 2 or something, lol). .I didn't even know they had carts.  
    • Interesting company on Friday's round and an etiquette lesson
      The dad was not much better of a player than I am, he would be easy to pair up with and he seemed light hearted about the game.  He would talk to himself after a bad shot from time to time, he was encouraging, would always compliment me on a good shot or putt.  I drained two huge putts that day, on the first tee from about 20-25 feet out, and again on the back nine from the fringe over a double breaker about 30-35 feet away.  He told me "you have to pull that ball out yourself", ha-ha. I have never thrown a club, I wanted too on Sunday after hitting 4 balls in the woods on the second tee.  My partner "well, you're making good contact with the ball". 
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