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Drill/Tip For Overactive Hips

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I have recently been shown that I really really get carried away and fire the crap out of my hips way early and end up completely wide open at impact which has really been causing some consistency problems for me. Totally spinning out.

I have seen the 5sk video on keeping your back toes up and I have heard to flair your right toe even more to the rear. Those helped me some but I have still been having a little difficulty getting it right. (I have been obsessively taking practice swings every chance I get for the last 24 hours.) It's hard to stop yourself from doing something you have been wrongly ingraining into your swing for 15 years and tonight I found another little thing that I really like.

When you address the ball turn your lead toe inwards some.

It feels like it makes getting your weight to the front a little more difficult so if you struggle with that I guess it could possibly be harmful, but for me it really takes my hips out of it a lot and makes me really have to swing more with my arms which I personally find very hard to do. It also helps me with the sensation of rolling my ankles to the left side some and keeping my right heel down longer.

Hopefully someone else has this old baseball swing type of problem and this could possibly help you out.



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      Practiced some chips and putts waiting for one person to walk towards me on a fairway? We had a laugh as I passed him by pointing the other direction. Played 17 holes today, took a bogey on a hole I usually par or better to skip some slower players. Shot "81" (72.9/131), 34 putts (with sandy greens), 7GIR, two missed near greens, 3 doubles, 3 bogey, bunch of pars. I think all this practice is improving my game even though my scores don't show "radical" improvement. My swings are much more "comfortable", and my putts and chips are much more relaxed and "un-panic(y)". The round was not at all exciting, it felt more like me driving around in a cart and occasionally hitting balls. IDK how to describe it other than that? Glad this "challenge" was suggested. . .
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      I don't know what you're talking about. The last post I saw in this thread prior to yours was from @mcanadiens. You've shared your opinion, I've shared mine. The only thing we can do now is sit back and wait. Will 3-on-3 likely produce less scoring in March than it does in October? I'd say "probably" if I had to guess. But that's quite different from saying that it will be locked down and teams will just play to reach the shootout or whatever. My hunch is that we'll see more (%) games end in OT with 3-on-3 than we did with 4-on-4, and I'm on record as saying that. All we can do now is wait and see. You're on record, as am I. No sense repeating ourselves now.
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      Here's what you seem to be missing: I don't think any of the people who tipped me did so because they "expected" anything extra, either. The simple fact is that I appreciated the kind gesture and sought to return it in some small way, even if it means not getting to finish my lunch or something. My barber makes more than minimum wage. So does yours, I imagine. The simple fact is that I tip when I feel someone has already gone above and beyond. That is how I think most everyone who has ever tipped me has done it: they feel that I've already done something to warrant the tip. No, you really didn't. You responded to a piece of what was said and ignored the context and meaning. I tipped because they had already done more than I expected. What they chose to do after that is up to them. Some said thanks and went home. I did not think any less of them, because I was not tipping them hoping they'd do even more. Some took a little extra time to do something else.
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      I think where you are still getting held up is expecting.  I have never said anything is expected from a tip, nor is the tip itself expected.  It is a nice gesture, it goes along way to show your appreciation for whatever service or product was offered and delivered.  You never expect a better haircut because that barber always gives good cuts (just like I would always give good lessons) but you are offering your gratitude (monetarily) for that haircut.  I think you'd be surprised at how far a gesture like that goes.  
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