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Theres always one aspect of golf that ruins my game! My driving used to be my weakest link, to the point where I wouldnt even bag a driver, I decided I had to sort this aspect out this yr, so I researched, had a driver made, (suitable for me) and started hitting the range, within 2 months my driving is became the strongest part of my game, I'm not a big hitter, I concentrated on accuracy and can now hit 220-240 straight 8/10 and the other 2 are usually around the edge of the fairway, I'm delighted! I though my scores would come down! But.... then my short game turned to shit! My puttings ok.. ish! I can usually sink anything within 4-5' But I'm terrified of any pitch within 50yrds! This was usually a good part of my game that would make up for my poor driving! So now I'm trying to find time to dedicate soley to the very short game, I researched, bought new sand and lob wedge, (suitable bounces for me) I can connect well with both but I really need to discipline my self with carrying 4 wedges! I like the lob, but i think im using it too much and it's costing me! But I'm improving slowly and getting used to them! But now I'm noticing my long irons aren't as good! I think it's a vicious circle!!! As I improve one aspect, another aspect suffers! I guess what I'm saying is.... I dont think its good to soley practise on one aspect of the game for a length of time! And that what I need to do is reduce my workload to part time, so I can practise more on ALL aspects simultaneously! But I'm pleased to say my driving is still strong And I put this down to set up/routine!

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Hey don't get cocky with your driving. You're only a few bad swings away from that falling apart too. Kidding! Congrats on the improvement. I hear you completely. I usually hit about half the fairways and play a decent scramble game to get mid 80s. But one day I hit all but 2 fairways- 240ish length.... But my iron play/short game tanked and couldn't take advantage. Despite playing my best ever from the tee, I shot 88. It's always something that gets us.

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    • Gun Laws
      By rkim291968 · Posted
      Folks, I am talking about gun related death.  The study is on violent crime & gun control.   That's why I didn't quote the previous posts. I come from a country where there is a strict gun control.  In fact, other than hunting rifle, gun ownership is banned.   The death by guns is non-existent compare to the population size.   No guns mean no death by guns.  It's simple as that.  
    • Chipping stroke v. Putting stroke
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      Thanks very much! I was taught a technique like this by a pro many years ago.  He called it the Runyan  Method. I stopped using it because I would be indecisive about which club to use, and it didn't work as well for me from lies in the rough. This season I tried chipping with one club only (56* SW), varying the face angle just a little here and there. The idea was to simplify club selection and get the job done by learning "touch." I think I got a little better at judging distance this way, but I had more difficulty hitting it solid, so in the end distance control still wasn't good overall. IAW if I hit it solid, the distance would be good, but I hit lots of them thin or fat. I thin there is a lot of possibility for error in the standard chip method. The reason for asking the question was to see if there was something I could try, a swing idea, that would give me more consistently solid contact using standard technique. I  think maybe these last few weeks of the season, I will go back to the Runyan method and see if that helps. I think it's more tolerant of variations in the bottom of the swing arc than is the standard method. 
    • My Swing (Foot-Wedge)
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      Awesome  MVMAC! Thanks for the tips and will report back. Very thorough response!
    • TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.
      By dkolo · Posted
      Yeah, I had to jump through a bunch of hoops myself with posting the golf bag review photos and re sending them from my phone at lower resolution once I bumped up against the limit. Really should only come up with photo heavy posts like reviews. Maybe those will have a dedicated place in the future like the old site and with a different limit. It's a problem that's fairly limited in scope, I imagine. 
    • Gambling on the golf course is it a necessity?
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      Yeah other than golf, I don't gamble very much. Maybe about once a year with buddies playing liar's dice or cards (which usually takes place after golf). I'll be in Vegas next week for 3 days and might not even gamble. If I do, it will only be a few bets.  All good with the USGA. http://usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Gambling/
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