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Maxfli U/6

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Ive always loved the feel of maxfli golf balls and think theyre really underated. Has anyone had the chance to try these latest line from them? I bet they feel great upon impact.

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I haven't tried the U/6, but I have played the U/4 and did really like those.


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    • Gun Laws
      By rkim291968 · Posted
      I didn't read all the posts so pardon me if I am repeating ... a random thought on gun/militia: During LA riots after Rodney King verdict, it was scary in that "government" had no control over the mobs for days. A good part of LA went up in smoke, and the place resembled a war zone.  The mobs were rooting, beating, and killing people at will.   I note here that there was no MILITIA that came to aid.  A few store owners and their friends used guns to protect their stores and neighbors.  But I think most were scared of the mobs wielding weapons and were afraid to step out of their homes.    It's not the government that I worry about.   It's the mob with guns that I worry about more.   Mobs with guns outgunning those who are supposed to protect us ...
    • Gun Laws
      By saevel25 · Posted
      I wasn't the one linking the 2nd amendment to state of the art weaponry. My comments were not for against someone owning a gun, but the fact the comment was referencing he thought we had the right to own the same stuff the military does. I honestly don't want to live next to someone who owns a Sherman Tank. By his comments, linking "State of the art weaponry" to the 2nd amendment he is making that claim that we as citizens of the United States do have the right. To me right to own a weapon has to have it's limits.  I'm not against owning a gun. I've thought about getting my conceal carry over the past few years. I think there has to be someway to weed out some of these messed up people from getting their hands on a gun.  In the end maybe America is just that F'd up. We put more people in prison per 100,000 people than any other nation in the world. USA Does have a 4x higher murder rate than Canada and most all other countries in the EU. Maybe USA is just a much more violent place and we just got to suck it up and move on.   
    • Hello from Minneapolis
      By IlliniBoy · Posted
      I just took up golf about two months ago.  Unfortunately, I find that I'm drowning in information.  It seems like I do absolutely everything wrong, and "fixing" one thing only creates three or four more problems.  If I go to the driving range and hit 50 balls, I'll make solid contact with maybe 10 of them.  I'm reasonably young (29) and have played sports all my life but I can't only hit my 3 wood past 160 yards or so.  My five iron goes only a little less.  All this is very discouraging. I've started taking lessons but, again, the info I get there seems to contradict what I see elsewhere.  For example, my coach is trying to get me to "flip my hands" more, but everything I read and see says *not* to flip your hands.  My head is all turned around at this point. Sorry to vent.  I'll try to post a swing when I have a chance.  I don't really have good equipment to do so but I'll find a way.
    • Anyone else find it hard to not buy certain golf clubs?
      By dsal89 · Posted
      I'm not one to buy into the hype for the brand new driver or iron set or things of that nature (though I do tend to act too quickly and regret a purchase, I.e my iron set. I've been hitting my g25 irons nicely but I just don't like the look honestly) every two years I'll get the new cobra driver because I just love the looks of them and I'm exactly what companies look for in a consumer.  With itch that being said, I love putters, everything from pings, taylormadd, Scottys, I currently game a Kingston handmade putter and I love it. Since getting my gamer I haven't bought a new putter since.  I'm pretty happy with how my putting has been this year (though there is always room for improvement) but I always get the urge to buy a new putters. Not sure why, maybe it's the fact that the putter is my favorite club in the bag and I love shiny things.  So, are there golf related items that you just have a tendency to buy more of than you need (with the exception of golf balls)
    • What is your target score?
      By Natural Patrick · Posted
      Nice post, Appreciate the honesty. 
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