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True links wear Proto golf shoes, new in box- white or black Price is lowered! $80for white or black

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Brand new in box, size 11 white and Kelly green,  never used or wore around, I redeemed a gift certificate (pro shop credit from tourneys and league play) but have changed my mind , if you prefer  the proto in black with red trim- that is also do able.I have included a stock image of what the black looks like. I have a pair and if like them so will you.  Comfortable, lightweight and waterproof. Buttery soft leather, true out of the box comfort. retail was $170.  Offered here for $95 or best reasonable offer...."reasonable" being the operative word. Price include economy shipping

$80 shipped also available in Black w/red

Ryan Moore started wearing the TRUE proto during the 2012 Fed Ex Cup Playoffs and showed the world what our new shoe can do with Top 10’s in 3 events including a T-3 finish at the Tour Championship. Ryan followed that up by winning the JT Shriners Open in Las Vegas in proto’s. Yep, the proto is off to an impressive start on tour! The TRUE proto has the same premium waterproof leather as the stealth, but we incorporated some perf leather in the heel and also spiced things up with a big red tab on the side. The proto screams TRUE performance and that is what it delivers with our new sensei outsole, which provides enhanced stability and traction.

Every TRUE proto features a two-year limited waterproof guarantee and will ship with two pairs of laces: one neutral and one color pop. All TRUEs are only designed in one width; the TRUE proto is designed to accommodate men's widths B-EEE. This is possible as the memory foam in the heel keeps your heel snug and the sock-fit liner keeps your mid-foot secure while the wide-toe box allow your toes to spread out.


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    • Tipping your golf instructor
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      You only read things you want to read and argue things you want to argue, logic be damned.  Go look at the definition of a tip, stop arguing your sentiments. I am a very good tipper (in general you have to really screw up AND have attitude to not get a tip from me and I count the times I have not tipped in my lifetime on one hand), and in case you forgot I was the one who started this thread.  You see, these are the points I am making, you clearly have issues with reading comprehension.
    • Do you guys clean your irons & wedges during a round ?
      By bkuehn1952 · Posted
      Thanks for your participation in this thread.
    • Challenging Yourself vs Having Fun
      By MrFlipper · Posted
      I suggest your two options aren't mutually exclusive, yet are actually one in the same. I've known lots of golfers who said they didn't care if they got better, just liked being outside, etc. I don't buy it. In their heart of hearts, they want to get better. Everyone does.  Good to see you are going to keep a handicap. You don't get better at something unless you measure your results. Good for you! You have enough potential distance to manage the new tees. It's not like you are attempting to slog around a 7000 yard course. I hit it about as far as you. You'll do fine at this distance. In fact, I'd bet by next year you move back to 6400-6500 yard tees. And I'm not a believer in practice rounds. Learn your swing changes on the range as the man said, then take it to the course. You are not gonna hit that nice shot off the tee into the fairway unless you've already done it multiple times on the range. If you are always practicing on the course, you never really learn how to score because there is no pressure on your game when you just drop another ball (or five). You never know how good your swing is until it can stand up under pressure, the pressure of one ball, one shot, right now. We always want to get better. You see folks in their 80's still playing the game, trying new stuff, acting like little kids when something works. That is a big part of the attraction to this game. The better you get, the more you will enjoy it. Play well :)    
    • Tipping your golf instructor
      By iacas · Posted
      No, Tony. You've been mischaracterizing my position from the outset, and I'm not interested in hearing about how you think that's not true. That's beside the point and people can read through and decide for themselves. I'll stipulate to the fact that you will disagree with that statement. No, I agree with his opinion of you in this topic.
    • Wrists: To Hinge or Not To Hinge?
      By iacas · Posted
      I'll answer by saying that I don't really have an answer. Poorer golfers tend to do both poorly. Better golfers do both better. Some golfers hinge earlier than others, and that's true at all levels of the game. Poor golfers (bad golfers) tend to roll the arms more AND have a bad turn, but I don't know that the two are as linked as you question implies.
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