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New (used?) clubs for a shorty?

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So I've just gotten back into playing golf...

My family owns a thrift store (and a bunch of commercial properties, but I digress), and as we were loading the contents of an estate sale, I spied a full set of Titleist DCI 962 irons, a few Big Bertha Titaniums, a nice Ping putter, and an Adams Tight Lies. My cousin wants to pick up golf, and at our store the clubs go for $1 a piece, so he did as I recommended and just took them home.

But now *I* need clubs, it would seem.

I feel pretty comfortable with my old clubs, but... They're for someone 4'9", and I'm 5'5".

Guess I've grown since freshman year of high school. =P

Link for the clubs (though I'm a righty) here. https://www.uskidsgolf.com/shop/lh-ts57v-10-club-stand-set-graphite-steel-red-white-bag

The only other clubs I have are some Silver Scot knockoffs, with extensions on them... Handmedowns from my uncle who's 6'3".

So one set is for someone who's 6 inches shorter than me, and one's for someone who's 10 inches taller than me.

I suppose my question is whether or not I should go for new clubs, and if so, what should I go for?

I think someone 5'5" playing with clubs suggested for someone 4'9" is probably a bad idea... There's no way they could be at the right angle, unless I'm crouching... Which messes up my stance.

Maybe the clubs are why I hit it thin so often?

I guess I feel fine with my old clubs because I'm used to them... So I guess this is a stupid post, and the only way for me to know whether or not I simply feel fine with them because I'm used to them is for me to go and try some properly sized clubs out and see how it goes.

Anyway, beyond that, advice would be helpful.

Right now I'm looking at Callaway Diablo Edge irons...

I've heard they're 2 inches shorter than most irons, which is good for someone my size, and they're also good for people who strike low on the club... Which I have the tendency to do, but now I'm wondering if it's not because my clubs are 6 inches too small. Anyway, they seem reasonably priced, and people seem to like them, also...

Any opinions on them?

Any opinions on good drivers/woods/hybrids for someone my size?

I know getting fitted is the way to go, but I can't really afford to buy fitted clubs, and I doubt anyone wants to fit me for the fun of it.

If it helps, I'm thin, have long arms for my size, and wear ~ 30 x 30 pants.

TL;DR: My old clubs are for someone 6" shorter than I am, is this why I'm hitting the balls thin so often?

What clubs are good for a short guy?


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Most off-the-rack men's clubs seem to be aimed at the 5'11" - 6' crowd.  You may have better luck finding used clubs that fit by looking at women's clubs, but you may find the shafts are not stiff enough.  Not all women's clubs are pink or overtly feminine, though some certainly are.  Another good option, if you want to go with used clubs, would be hunting around for a club repair shop and discussing your plans with them, they may be able to help guide you in which shafts to look for to make modification easier.

You didn't indicate any sort of budget constraints, but for new clubs I would suggest visiting a decent fitter for help in getting into clubs that will really work well for you.  It isn't as simple as picking up some clubs and shortening the shafts with a hack saw, though a competent craftsman can indeed shorten them without messing up the dynamics of the club and then adjust the lie angle of the head accordingly.


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I agree with PirateJim that a fitter is always the best option. Pretty much any golf shop can cut shafts down and if you want the same swing weight that's no problem either, although most of us don't even know for sure what our ideal swing weight is anyway so restoring it may mean nothing, and may even be the opposite our optimum swing weight. Even a different weight of grip can change the swing weight.

FWIW. A person's height is not the best indicator of the proper length of clubs. Wrist to floor (while standing erect) is the most used guide.

IMO. I doubt if your thin shots have much or anything to do with your club lengths unless it's only the shortest clubs in the bag that are a problem. We all have "short" and "long" clubs in our bag and hitting a longer 4 iron well doesn't mean we are going to hit a shorter pitching wedge thin.

That said, My son's wedges feel to me like they came from Toys Are Us because his wrist to floor is so much less than mine (and we are about the same height).

P.S. Adding an extension on your clubs that are too short is another option, and not hard to do.


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