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putting tips and drills

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Now with 50 yds n in issues hopefully resolved I want some putting tips and drills. I have alignment issues and confidence issues. Any help would be appreciated.

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My favorite drill on the practice green;

Find a putt that is neither uphill or downhill, I like my practice line to have about 1 ball break right to left from say 6 feet. I like to pick a flat putt with predictable break so that I don't have to worry so much about the speed of an uphill or downhill putt when I'm working on grooving my stroke.  Right to left putts are easier than straight or left to righters for me.

I work on my fundamentals..get the putter up off the ground before I start my stroke....keep my head still through the putt.   I try to listen for the ball to go in the hole without peaking.  Back and forth on this same line 2 feet, 5 feet, 8 feet, out to 12-14 feet maybe.  Works for me...


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    • The Dan Plan - 10,000 Hours to Become a Pro Golfer (Dan McLaughlin)
      By Nosevi · Posted
      Hard to argue with most of that. For starters I don'd buy the 10,000 hours theory either especially when applied to a sport - how many golfers spend 10,000 hours doing golf over their lives vs how many play at the top level? Any brief look at the available evidence shows by simply spending time golfing in the hope to get good enough to play at an elite level simply doesn't work, at least not to get the vast majority of people anywhere close to tour level. Regarding becoming one of the top x golfers in the US first, fair point and I'm actually agreeing with you. But whatever your target, be it PGA Tour, Web.com, one down from there (which is really what I was saying would be a bit more sensible) you've got to know what you are aiming at in terms of raw performance and have a plan as to how to get there. When Dan went to Pebble he said he was amazed at how well the pros struck their long irons. Most people would be if they had the chance to stand next to tour pros striking them. But then again most people aren't trying to emulate them. I just think it was a bit of a blind spot in Dan's approach from the begining. That's not a criticism but on day one when he went to see a coach that coach should have as a minimum said "Ok, you want to be a tour pro. This guy plays on tour - go hit some balls with him and see exactly what you're aiming at." My coach called over one of the England international squad and had him practice along side me as most go from there directly to a tour of some description, probably to point out how daft I was being. A year down the line and looking at my launch data vs theirs and the void between the two has gone. But that's not by accident and it's not just from playing lots of golf. It's by working out what they do that I didn't do by looking at high speed video of pros together with their launch data (not random youtube clips but the guy hitting the ball and the resultant data from that swing) and working out how to get from where I was to where they are.  But you absolutely have to know what your target is in terms of performance and have a detailed plan of how to get there. Simply putting in the hours isn't going to work.
    • Teeing Up Behind the Tee Markers
      By Scotsclaff · Posted
      Thank you. Most appreciated.    
    • Rory talks about quitting the European Tour
      By Scotsclaff · Posted
      Let the captains pick the whole team. They will know who's on form and who isn't when the time comes.
    • Gambling on the golf course is it a necessity?
      By Scotsclaff · Posted
      It's not mandatory but it makes it a bit more fun. Our gang always bet,we've been playing together for a number of years and the most I ever saw someone lose was about 20 dollars. It's a case of what goes around comes around with us.
    • Predict Your Handicap One Year From Now
      By TomLeo · Posted
      Lower for sure.   20 hours a week on the range and 10 hours a week on the green - it better be lower!   
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