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Hi from Quebec

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I just realized I never did an introduction thread!

So I am 28, from Quebec City, Canada. I am a video game network programmer. I started playing golf about 7 years ago, but only started playing regularly last summer. Before it was only 2-3 rounds per year, and I played something like 25 rounds last summer. I also play left handed, the only one I know in everyone I play golf with, so everytime I miss a shot, you can be sure I hear someone say: you should try playing the other way around!

I am currently practicing at an indoor facility with simulators because it is totally impossible to play around here in winter. Courses should be playable in April (late March if we are really really lucky with the temperature). I am also taking some lessons this winter (still have a constant fade that switches into a slice every 4-5 shots) and I'd like to get rid of that.

Last year, I was playing around 110-115 at the beginning of summer, and at the end, my last 3 rounds were under 100 (98-94-96). I hope to play under 90 this year!

For my equipment, if anyone is interested

Driver: Taylormade RBZ

3 wood: Taylormade RBZ

5 wood: Taylormade RBZ

4 hybrid: Macgregor tourney

irons (5-6-7-8-9-P-G): Wilson Di11 (I also have a 4 iron, but I keep it out of bag for the hybrid, way easier to hit)

56 wedge and 60 wedge: Wilson

Putter: Nancy Lopez putter (I am built quite short and like to lean a lot over the ball when putting, so a smaller putter made for a women really fits for me)

So that is me. Feel free to ask anything, I don't bite!


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Hello from Montréal!


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I just realized I never did an introduction thread!

So I am 28, from Quebec City, Canada.

I am also taking some lessons this winter (still have a constant fade that switches into a slice every 4-5 shots)

OH NO the French Canadian!!! I kid I kid :-D

If you are going to invest in lessons, get a membership to Evolvr. Online video swing analysis. Cheaper than getting golf lessons in person, and will beat anything except a live instruction with a 5 key's instructor.


On that note, check out these threads,


*Specifically the ones on Posture, Five "S" to great practice, and 5SK Video thread.


*You can also post a video of your swing by creating your own My Swing thread.

Looks like you are not entirely new, but still Welcome!!!


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    • Average Distances... How far do you hit each club? and don't lie...
      By Redhill · Posted
      If I were to list my yardages by club I would need two columns.  One for when the contact is nutted and another for when there is nothing nutted.  The averages of each club in those two columns would also be goofy.   I've had great drives of 310 yards and power drives into the left rough drives of 180 yards.  I've hit my 13* 3 wood turned down to 11* with a xstiff RIP Alpha shaft 297 yards and also 148 yards.  As you could imagine this makes club selection a treat.  I have to see how the day is looking and then weigh the past 3 holes to further adjust selection.  Had about a 6 week lay off and returning to play has been interesting/frustrating. However a round filled with nutted shots is a delight....heck a round with 20% nutted is wonderful.
    • Why do some players use the very front part of the mat?
      By mvmac · Posted
      Yes I would guess it's something like this.
    • My Swing (GolfLug)
      By GolfLug · Posted
      Hoping to change that this weekend... No golf misery no good. Si.. You prolly have a good 2 months of season left. Agreed.. I struggled to find the feel I had done so well playing with through the year since Erie. Reset. 
    • What's In Your Bag?
      By Polemix · Posted
      Driver: Gigagolf Pursuit Tc420 with Graffaloy Prolaunch Red stiff 45 inch shaft - around 260y carry 3W: Gigagolf Pursuit ps550  with Graffaloy Prolaunch Red stiff 43 inch shaft - 230y 4H: Gigagolf Pursuit ps550 with TT Dynamic Gold s300 41 inch shaft - 210y 5i-8i: Gigagolf TRX v11 with TT Dynamic Gold s300 +1 inch shaft 1 degree upright - 145 to 190y 8i-PW: Gigagolf Pursuit forged c510 TT Dynamic Gold s300 +0.5 inch shaft 1 degree upright - 110 to 135y also 9i for 20-40y chips 52, 60: Gigagolf Pursuit forged s510 TT Dynamic Gold s300 +0.5 inch shaft 1 degree upright - 40, 90y 56: Gigagolf S2 Black Matte TT Dynamic Golf s300 +0.5 inch shaft 1 degree upright - 70y Chipper: c510 5 iron bent and cut to wedge specs - Greenside chips and low running shots up to 110y All the above with Lamkin Crossline Oversized grips. Putter: Ping Zing 2 putter with Superstroke Fatso 5.0 Grip (new addition) Ogio cart bag and orange whip swing trainer, and a pair of alignment aids. Might not be flashy but it got my hcp down from 28 to 22 this year, that´s something. Love the Pursuit hybrid and forged irons and wedges, high quality stuff, worth every penny, literally.
    • What are you listening to?
      By nevets88 · Posted
      Robbie Robertson
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