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Tried out those cheap grips on Ebay

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Hey all, I couldn't stop myself and ordered a 13 grip set of Black Widow grips off of Ebay:;=item5aeb0b78b8

The price is ridiculously low at $12.99 with $7 shipping and it includes 13 grips, 13 tape strips, a little solvent spray bottle, and a vice grip tool. So for less than the cost of 3 premium grips you have all you need to put a fresh grip on all you clubs, but of course, you get what you pay for.

Shipping was adequate, not overpriced, reasonable turnaround, packaging was fine.

What I liked was the tape strips and the little spray bottle. Pre-cut strips of tape are easy for those of us who are lazy and the little spray bottle of solvent was easy to use and control. I found that I used just enough to facilitate installation. Spray a little on the tape and a little into the grip and slip it on. No drips at all. I didn't use the vice grip thing, it's more barely flexible plastic than rubber.

What I didn't like was the quality of the grips. Thin, small, no tackiness or padding, you feel like you are gripping the shaft directly. They are better than slick, old, worn grips, so if you have an old back up set for kids or guests to use and you don't want to drop $90 on new grips, then this would do the trick. But they aren't going to be on my clubs for long.

There is a chance I ordered the wrong thing, but I don't think so.

The takeaway: I knew better, but tried it anyway. Not good enough for a serious golfer. And I don't even feel ripped off, the price is so low that in the end I just shrug my shoulders and look for a better grip.


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I don´t know about the edge-version, but in the end of last season i regripped with the Signature grips on all the irons (signature II on 3w and soon on D, and H aswell), aswell as the widowmaker midsize for the putter, and got to say I absolutely love them.

In contrast to what you experienced with your version I think the signature feels soft and abit "padded", aswell as the pattern (atleast in my hands) seems to really give me a secure grip.

Adding a couple of pics just for the sake of it.


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I actually had the mirror opposite experience with the Black Widow Edge grips. I picked up a set of Hogan Apex Plus in December and they had a new set of BW Edge grips in white on them. Now, due to the weather, I haven't had the opportunity to give them a true test on the range or by playing a round but I have hit the E wedge enough around the yard to know that I like these grips so far! They feel soft but substantial with just the right amount of tackiness. My opinion may change after hitting them more, but for the moment I'm really happy with these grips!

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