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My Swing (krish78)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years

My current handicap index or average score is: average score is 92

My typical ball flight is: straight. I don't slice often.

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat and thin shots


Hello, my videos are available for viewing below. My issue is with consistency. I sometimes hit thin shots and sometimes fat shots. I have noticed that when compared to tour pros, my head drops a lot when transitioning from the top of the swing to impact. Not sure if i am applying too much force in order to hit the ball with a lot of speed? Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Hybrid video


6 Iron video



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Think this would be a great video for you to watch. Notice the lack of depth with the left arm. Depth meaning the left arm moving inward. Very good indication the shoulders haven't turned very much by this point in the backswing. Leads to the arms being out of sequence with the pivot, going to make solid contact harder to achieve.


BTW for future reference if you could upload the swings to youtube or vimeo, that would make it easier to analyze.


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      By SavvySwede · Posted
      Trick question. Marriage never made sense from a legal standpoint. Why treat people differently under the law just because they're in a committed relationship? 
    • Why is Polygamy Illegal?
      By Silent · Posted
      You'll have to excuse me, I didn't know what that was and apparently was to lazy to google it. I did now  To answer that question: no, I don't think that fear is very real, but if you have that fear with polygamy and you don't allow that by law, I guess that automatically means you don't allow polyandry as well. Equal rights and so... About the last, I did answer that and gave my opinion on why I think it's against the law. You just don't agree with that, that's fine. I think it's about protection (surpression, financially etc.) and the fact that by law men and women are equal, but in reality it's experienced by a lot of people as unfriendly to women. I don't say they are right or I agree with that, I'm just saying that I think that is the thought behind that law.
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      If people are being denied their right they always have the options to end their relationship.. The same way a woman who is mistreated or beaten in a single marriage has the choice to leave that marriage or call law enforcement or what ever.  Simply, I have to disagree that a law would pass to protect from something happening (i.e. man denying wives from executing same right) while majority who practice it and are happy doing it. Then you also didn't answer the part about the polyandry.. is there a fear that the woman would deny the husband from executing his very same right as well? Also, I doubt that there is a demand right now from people who want group marriages anyway.. Let us get back to the basics.. Marriage has been defined as the union between 1 man and 1 woman.  Now that definition has been changed to be the union between 1 consenting adult to another (i'm making up that definition as I don't know what it is now), so on what basis could someone tell 3 consenting adults (i.e. 1 man and 2 women) that they are not allowed to be married?
    • Why is Polygamy Illegal?
      By Silent · Posted
      I can only speculate about why. And I think it's about protecting women. You can have in theory polygamy being legal, and for some people that would work perfectly fine. But I fear that in reality it means that men can marry a bunch of women, and at the same time deny their wives to execute that very same right. I think allowing a law like that it opens the door further for some kind of cults as well. Also by law a man or woman has the right not to testify against their spouse; what about a group marriage then? Everybody is protected simply because you have a lot of spouses?  Basically I think it's not allowed by law because it opens the door more to supression and misuse. That's sad for the people with good intentions and honestly feel happy in a marriage like that.
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      Couple thoughts: 1.  Believe each of the US partnerships are 1st time they've teamed up.  Would rather have seen Phil with Rickie and Spieth with Reid but no real complaints until I see them play, a few just seem a little awkward. 2.  Surprised Bae sitting given that he's won on that course twice, I figured he'd get 5 matches there.
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