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Knuth Tournament Scoring System

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Anyone ever hear of this or played at a club that used this scoring system for net scores?  Interesting way of evening the field if someone is a true sandbagger.

he system is based upon awarding points to NET finishers in your club's competitions that are important enough to be designated as "tournament scores" (see USGA Handicap System manual) with at least 50 competitors. Players or teams that finish in the top 5 places NET in the tournament will be awarded the appropriate number of points as listed on the table below. This is the top 5 in the entire field, not the top 5 in each flight.

It may also include a person or team that collects a gross division prize. The points are not limited to the 5 highest net finishers, but the 5 best net scores in the field.

1st Place 5 points
2nd Place 4 points
3rd Place 3 points
4th Place 2 points
5th Place 1 point

If a player accumulates 7 points over a two year period, his/her handicap for a tournament held at your club may be reduced by two shots. Each two additional points earned by the player in this two year period would result in an additional stroke being subtracted from their handicap for the tournaments. Note that the USGA Handicap Index is not reduced, only the handicap that is assigned to the player for that event.

A sample situation is a golfer that placed 1st net in a club event last summer. He/she was awarded 5 points for that event. In September, the same golfer wins third place net, and is awarded 3 additional points. The golfers has just turned in an entry for an event in August of this year. The Committee can reduce this golfer's course handicap by 2 strokes since the golfer has accumulated a total of 8 points. Remember, weekly sweeps events and events with less than 50 contestants do not qualify for points.

In the case of a tie for one of the first 5 places, each of the individuals or teams would earn the full number of points for that placing. For example: Two individuals tie for 2nd place. Each individual would earn 4 points under this system. You would not give out 3rd place points (or add 2nd & 3rd place points together and divide by 2) under this scenario. The next finisher in line after the two individuals that tied would earn 2 points for the 4th place. No fractions of points are awarded.



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Another tidbit:

"The odds of scoring better than your handicap in any given round are one in five, according to Dean Knuth, the former USGA handicapping official who devised the Slope rating system and whose Web site, , is a fountain of fun facts about handicaps. The chances of beating your handicap by three strokes? One round in 20. By eight strokes? One round in 1,138. For most of us, that's once in a lifetime." Wall Street Journal

"The Genius of Handicapping", November 1, 2008, by John Paul Newport


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The chances of beating your handicap by three strokes? One round in 20. By eight strokes? One round in 1,138. For most of us, that's once in a lifetime." Wall Street Journal

Those numbers change depending on your handicap.

It's much, much easier for a 30-handicapper to beat his by eight than it is for a scratch golfer to beat HIS by eight. has it at 1138:1 versus 20111:1.


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