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FS - Cleveland Classic 310 (Tour)

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For Sale - Cleveland Classic 310 (Tour).  9.5* with Miyazaki Kusala Black 61x. Stock grip, headcover included.

I just bought this brand new in the plastic about a month ago and have hit MAYBE 50 range balls with it only to find out that I think it's just not for me. You can barely tell that it's not brand new. The shaft in this club is not a "made for" and aftermarket is a $200+ shaft. Want to lower your spin and ballflight? This is your guy.

$110 shipped to your door in the ConUS. PayPal.

Trade interests would include Ping G20 8.5* or 9.5* w/ the Ping Tour shaft in stiff  OR  Ping Rapture V2 9* w/ Blueboard stiff.


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    • Pace Problem
      YOu still don't seem to understand that catching another group and playing through them is slower for both groups that if they are all simply required by policy to keep the pace.  The rules are just swell, but playing through should only be something that happens in cases with extenuating circumstances, not a regular habit.  The Rules of Golf were never intended to be used as an excuse for a chronic inability to keep pace with the course. When the course allows certain groups make a habit of playing so slowly that other groups overtake them and have to play through, then you have failed in establishing and maintaining an effective pace of play policy.  That policy is mired in a time warp from the era when courses were never full.  Those days no longer exist and different steps must be taken if a course is really serious about their pace of play.  It's apparent that your course is more concerned about the minority than they are about the majority.  I hope that doesn't eventually bite them in the behind.
    • Pace Problem
      Again, that's been our tactic for seven years, and has not generally worked.  Mostly, slow groups have stayed slow. As a rule of thumb, marshaling 18 holes takes about an hour.  If you attempt to "teach" the first time around, and then discover that you're a bad teacher or the slow group is a bad student when you come back around, by the time you "enforce", you have lost half a round of golf and you have forced faster groups to play the slower group's pace. When I see a group going to 9 at 2 1/2 hours, I tend to say, 'Oh, shit." to myself, because I know we've lost the Pace and it's next to impossible to get it back until that group has left the course.  Sadly, because of staffing cutbacks, that's often the case.  When I say something to the GM or Pro like, "If you want a good pace, you have to be out there from the beginning," it is not received well. If, OTOH, our policy is Pace has Priority on the Course, let faster groups play through, and that is what they hear when they pay, and from the Starter, and that's what the sign in the carts' signholder says, they have no leg to stand on the first time the marshal comes by and sees groups piled up behind a slow group. Yeah, I know, it's different than what everyone's used to. But if you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always got.    
    • New to the forum
      I am indeed, All down the west coast here in ayrshire there are some fantastic courses and I always feel blessed to have played most of them. I recently played round the kintyre course at Turnberry for the first time it was a real gem. Sadly the 70mph winds did nothing to help scoring leading to a morale sapping 120 score but a great track none the less. I spent my youth years playing in troon on the public owned courses. A student of the links!
    • How Do You Decide Where to Play Golf
      I work at a course and they let me play there Tuesdays and Thursdays after work. Then on weekends I find cheap times on Golfnow where I know it won't be too busy or venture out to play a course I hadn't played before.
    • Donald Trump for president?
      I think yesterday's Trump win gives some answers. He performs well with those making $50k and less, whether GOP or Dem. In Trump's recent interviews, he is less bombastic, more empathetic ... the man is learning quickly. Rubio's robotic, repetitive, debacle of a performance in the last debate throws out Iowa results.
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