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Rick Martin

2014 Valspar Championship at Innisbrook Discussion Thread

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in case you forgot what he looked like...Paul Casey


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Thanks for the pictures and video. How's the condition of the course?


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    • How to eliminate blowup holes
      I know your pain, somewhat. I, unlike you, can usually pin it on a club. My 4 iron can get me into trouble. For whatever reason, I tend to ground it more than any other club, to the point I deliberately stand a bit more upright to counter it. Something about that 4, it just makes me want to drop my lower body a little more or something. So, just to use my example, I changed my stance to counter a bad habit because it got to the point that I made that move consistently, and the countering stance change has mostly fixed my problem. Now, my problem is the sub-50 game, especially in the range of 1-10 yards from the green. My short-range chipping just needs work. I've started treating it more like a wedge putt, but that light push doesn't fit well with an uneven surface (clipping a small hill that kills the speed and gets the ball nowhere). It'll mostly come down to recognizing what kinds of things you screw up. Like people said, those "hero shots" can be a killer because they usually require perfection, and when you don't get it, you're in a position that can add 2 more to the score to get out of those woods or that sand trap. Damage control's a big thing to recognize and strive for. Anyone here can only help you so much, especially with a general "how do I do better?" question like this. If your screw-ups aren't a consistent problem, a solution is hard to find beyond "play more, get better." You kind of have to eat the occasional bad hole because you're not striving for perfection and putting in the hours many have over the years. It's not to suggest an inability to improve, just to say that if you can't identify where you're making mistakes most, there's no way anyone here can.
    • 2016 TST Initiative: Forward Tees Tournament
      In Lowest Score Wins, we recommend that golfers play from the forward tees in order to experience "breaking 80" for the first time, or shooting 65, or having more birdie putts than they've ever had, or whatever. This year, in 2016, we're taking it one step farther: we're encouraging everyone here to work with the head pro at your home course (or, if you play multiple courses, the head pro at each of them!) and to set up a serious "Forward Tees Tournament." A Forward Tees Tournament (FTT) will be: FUN! Enlightening Unique Challenging I'll give anyone who creates and/or participates in a FTT this year the special achievement/award seen to the left. Anyone with this award will be entered to win a TST prize to be determined at the end of the year (and I'll do my best to make it a fairly good prize, but that shouldn't be the main reason why anyone should do this). You can play: With or without handicaps. With or without brackets/divisions/flights. Stroke play or match play. 18, 27, 36, 54+ holes. One day, two days, three days. Etc. I think golfers will love playing in this type of tournament. I think it will challenge them to think about how they play and score. I think it will result in faster play, more fun, more birdies, more chances to hit 7-iron into par fives and feel like a Tour player for once, and… lower scores (or higher scores for the dumb players!). So there you have it. What can you do from here? Pledge here in this thread to talk to your head pro. Recruit your buddies and local golfers to play in your event. Work with your head pro to make the event a success. Play in the event! Post here after your tournament has been played to claim your super-exclusive award/achievement! I'm in. I'll be doing this, hopefully at multiple courses this year. Are you?
    • Posting old scores
      I haven't had an official handicap for about 15 years because in the past several I've only been able to play 6-8 times per year. This year I joined a club so that I could play in tournaments and since I need five scores to get a handicap, I entered some scores in GHIN from my last few rounds in 2015 (since I play so rarely, I can remember them). When I was doing this, I forgot to change the date when posting a score from August so it defaulted to today and is now my most recent reported score. GHIN won't let me change the entry but says to "contact my club" to fix it, which seems like a hassle for everyone involved. It's not my lowest score but it's close, so it will probably be included in my handicap calculation for quite a while unless the date is changed. How big of a deal is this?
    • How to eliminate blowup holes
      Another thing is sometimes to 'give up' on par. For example, as a bogey golfer, if I hit a bad tee shot and end up say 220yds from the hold on a par 4 rather than the usual 130yds, play the hole as if bogey is the new par. You've made the hole more difficult for yourself and rather than trying to hit the green with a 3 wood (a green designed to be hit with a mid/short iron), take 2 shots to get on the green and 2 shots to get down. 1 220yd par 4 is an easy hole (could even make birdie (which becomes par and a great save) whereas a 220 yd par 3, not off the tee, is asking for trouble. Not always the best way to play golf (read Lowest Score Wins) but the best way to avoid blowing up.
    • Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?
      Find it yourself please. I don't think that would provide much insight. Courses, technology… all very different. Too many differences. People who qualify for the Opens rarely actually compete for them. The winners and top finishers almost always come from those who qualify automatically. I'm not. Very few foreign golfers played on the PGA Tour in the 60s. It's been steadily growing - and travel has made it easier, too - through to now. And even now we're starting to see Asian golfers really take over. The only Asian golfer many could name who competed against Nicklaus was Isao Aoki. Maybe Jumbo Ozaki. I'm just talking about the number of golfers. There are a ton more now. I don't care. I realize perhaps your condition forces you to take everything literally, but I wasn't being literal here. The PGA Tour takes the best 150 players or so out of X. As X grows, the amount of separation between those top 150 players narrows. We're in a very narrow phase right now. When Jack was playing, the gap was significantly wider. No. Tiger was quite a bit more dominant and "above" even MORE highly competitive fields. Both halves of that are true: Tiger won by larger margins and against stronger fields. I agree. And I've said similar things. No…? You don't say? (On page 273 of a thread doing just that…)? You seem to be the only person who regards WGCs as weaker fields that offer a "competitive break." It says a lot about how others should consider your opinions on strength of field. You're assuming or haven't read many of my posts in this thread, because I've said several times that I'd put it within a few points of 50/50. Maybe 55/45. Hardly what I'd call "strong." Of course we're both "estimating." Tiger's record, IMO, against significantly stiffer competition, puts him ahead. Not by a lot. Not really. If only 30 players had a realistic chance to win a tournament, adding players beyond that 30th player does little to affect the strength of the field. The WGCs could add 200 club professionals that would never win and… the strength of field would remain exactly the same. Where have I said this? Because even if I did, it doesn't support whatever you're trying to force it into supporting here. The odds of a club pro beating anyone on the PGA Tour these days are slim to none. They were slightly more likely back when fewer "A" players played the PGA Tour… like in the 60s and 70s. A "C" player's game almost never varies enough - not for four days - to beat even 10 or 15 "A" players. Here's an opinion, but one I could probably back up if I cared enough to take the time (I do not): a modern WGC has a stronger field than many (perhaps all) of the majors Nicklaus won. I've said this before, and will say it again here: In Jack's day, there were maybe 10-15 "A" players, 25 "B" players, and the rest were "C" players. Today there are 100+ A players and the rest B players. I'm also going to request, mostly because of the number of times I've had to repeat myself in this thread, that you not quote or respond to me, @natureboy, in this thread. I'm not keen on repeating myself about something that, ultimately, I don't care that much about. It is what it is, their records are what they are, and they could only beat the guys they played against.
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