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praise to Taylormade

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Just wanted to give a little praise out to Sam at Taylormade golf costumer service. I recently purchased some speed blade irons. They were steel shaft unlike my past 2.0 in graphite. I didn't think it would be much of a big deal. I have some arthritis in my hands and when I played about 4 days in a row. My hands were killing me. So I thought about putting some graphite shafts in which would be after market. I did some experimenting with my old clubs and new ones. The graphite shaft really felt better in my hands and inspecting the clubs a little closer I noticed they were stiff shaft which I am a reg shaft player. I know I looked at them when I bought them real close and I never saw or noticed the stiff shaft. Boy what a screw up on my part what a d??? a??.  So that was the decision maker. I was going to replace the shafts. I had one (kinda) pro tell me The heads were different between steel and graphite and if I switched them they wouldn't feel right??????? I have never heard that before. So I thought I would call T M and ask them. This is where I got a hold of Sam in customer service and asked him. He said no they were the same and I could do that with no problems. I also asked him some questions about shafts and he very politely answered. I then asked him if they could re-shaft them. I figured if the shafts were gonna cost me $20 to $30 anyways and if they didn't charge me much I would just have them do it. What Sam said next just blew me away. I had to asked him twice. He said why don't I just exchange them out for ya. After saying Really! your kidding a few times.. He said it would be no problem. He said he would send me a new set of clubs out and when I got them put my old clubs in the box and put the return number on the box and send them back to him. I even told him I had new grips on the clubs and he said if I could get them off just keep them which I did. With in 7 days I had a new set of clubs that fit me better. Free of charge. NOW THAT'S IS WHAT I CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! THUMBS UP TO SAM & TAYLORMADE. That's why I have played T M clubs for years and will continue to play them for years to come. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SAM


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That's good to hear. I don't think people should feel that a company has to do things like this (I'm not saying you did, you obviously didn't), but it's nice when they do.


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