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First high school golf match

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I'm playing in my first ever high school golf match on thursday (im a sophomore) and was looking for any tips/advice.  I've always played the game, but started taking it seriously this year, which is why i tried out for my high school team in  the first place (and obvoiusly made it). I usually will be satisified with shooting 45 for 9 holes.  I am always the longest hitter in the group when i play (driver 280, 7i 185, wedges 120).  I usually am dead accurate with the driver, but sometimes have problems drawing the ball excessively.  Thankfully when this is going on, I am usually hot with the putter, but if the ball striking is going well, the short game tends to falter.  The match is at our home course, which I am still relatively new to (first year playing for team and we play on a private course), and the greens are very quick, which is where i usually lose the most strokes playing there.  The team we are playing is also supposed to be very good.  Any tips appreciated


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Congratulations and have fun!! I am going into my 8th year coaching our varsity golf team and love every moment of it. The first thing is go in with no expectations other then play your game. If you go in with an expectation of shooting a certain score and you start pulling away from that goal it can quickly snowball, no expectations. That does not mean to play with no confidence, I am extremely confident when playing but it is one shot at a time. Stay in the moment, when a bad shot happens work through it and take the best option to recover from it and then move on to the next shot, don't get ahead of yourself and keep thinking about past shots. Another saying I use is play the percentages. When you are debating on a shot to hit play the shot you know you can hit more often then not. If you are in some trees and there is a couple of options take the shot with the highest percentage of making. Depending on your strengths it could be different options. For example if I hit into some trees I am really good at controlling my trajectory. I can keep it low to start and have it climb fast so hitting under some branches to climb fast to get over some trees is an easy percentage shot for me so I can go for it but someone else it could be a punch out. Play the percentages.

The last piece is have fun, that's why you play golf!! When a bad shot happens, not if but when, think on it but when you start walking to your next shot that is your focus, your next shot, not the one you just hit! These are the things I really spend a lot of time on with the team outside of the fundamentals!


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Thank you!! It was interesting today, i was expecting to be the 2nd guy on JV, but 2 players in the top 5 didnt show so i was thrown into the varsity match.  I played ok and shot 46, and my opponent shot 50 (i could tell he was better than me, just did not know the course/greens well at all), but it was good to get varsity experience as a sophomore and a victory as well.


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      I will apologize in advance if this post winds up being long. I went out for my first round of golf in 2015, shot a 110, went home, put my clubs on Craigslist, sold them within a day and decided to quit the game. I had been playing for 25 years but only felt I was getting worse. Then, while planning a summer trip to Las Vegas I stumbled upon Paul Wilson's golf videos. I watched a few and couldn't believe how simple he made the golf swing look. I picked up an extra driver from my garage, started trying to swing free and easy and went to the range 2-3 times a week to see if this method would really work. My first time out I shot 97. The second was a 92. The next was an 85. Then, I booked a pair of lessons with Wilson during my vacation. Long story short, Paul Wilson's teaching methods kept me from quitting the game. My handicap is down to an 11, and I am scheduled for two more lessons with him in July so I can confirm somebody who reads this forum is a Wilson disciple. While he can get pretty technical when describing his approach for me it's pretty simple - turn to the top, start the downswing with the lower body and let my arms swing loosely. I expect to break 80 for the first time in my life by the end of the year.               One more thing, which has been noted previously in this thread - if I get off track I immediately go to YouTube, que up a couple of Paul's videos and know exactly what I'm doing wrong. His web site is an incredible resource for me, and I assume it's the same for many others.
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      I was under the impression that Cypress Point had been removed from the "Crosby Clambake" simply because the membership at that course didn't like the idea of the general public trampling on their hallowed turf.  Part of that reasoning might be based simply upon the notion of exclusivity and status; on the other hand, the environment around the course is somewhat fragile and having thousands of golf fans moving around that delicate seaside plant life and sand dunes would not be good for it. You can't tell me that most of the pros who play in the AT&T ProAm don't try and pull whatever strings they have at their disposal to play a round at Cypress during the weekend or weekdays before the AT&T event given the spectacular design and the chance to play a relatively well-preserved MacKenzie design. So even now that Cypress Point has female members I don't believe we can expect that we will ever see it on the AT&T course rota again.
    • Carry-on one Driver golf club in airplane? US and to Eurpoe?
      Thanks, Iacas. I will carry on one Driver with me without  any packaging.  I will have to pass through security check and X-ray scanning. By the way, my flight will be from Toronto Pearson airport to EU, so I hope Canada will have the same regulation as US since they are part of NA (North America). I will let you know if I will get into any trouble.  (I will not do practice swing inside the plane, but I may try while I wait around boarding area. ) Thanks!      
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