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My first look at Piretti wedges (Houston company known for their putters)

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So some of yall may have heard of Piretti.  I think a couple guys on tour have in the past or currently use their putters.  Padraig Harrington is one of them I believe.  I got hooked up with a couple of their wedges.  They're forged in Japan and I think Piretti has been selling them for a couple years now.

First Look:

The clubs are good looking at address.  First thing I really like about them is the black finish.  I am told they will "age" pretty quickly and the pictures prove it. Not much different than any other wedges, but they were fit 1* flat for me and 1* weak to turn the 55* into a 54* and the 59* into a 58*.  The pictures and review are on the sand wedge.

Attention to detail:

Once the "good" camera gets charged here at the household then you will be in for a treat in the form of some high quality photos of these clubs.  The pics I took are from my iphone 4 and don't do the club justice.  But if you look at the back of this wedge you'll see the Piretti logo lettering milled into the club, and the "big" Piretti P milled in above that.  The detail is incredible.

First shots:

Got to play the SW shortly after picking it up this afternoon from the Piretti warehouse.  I don't know if it's just fresh grooves or the placebo effect, but this thing sticks to the green.  I had to text my contact and ask if they were conforming LOL.  The "sweet spot" has worn in nicely after only one round (picture below is after a chip-in birdie on the 14th) (oops stop me if I'm bragging...)


To borrow a cliche they felt like butter.  No snap when you hit the ball... just a nice soft thwack.  Had to double check to make sure I made contact... and yes, sweet spot on the face and the ball is on the green a foot away from the ball mark... that's a first :P

If you notice a little red coloring it's because I asked for paint fill and then changed my mind to keep it white... hehe.

PS didn't pay anything outrageous for these and got a ton of compliments on the range and also some strange looks... "Piretti makes wedges now?!" (This is their "hometown" so they are well-known here).  I got to say "yeah I don't know if they're available yet but they made a couple for me).  Awesome!!  Oh and the best thing... the price was reasonable and not much more than one would pay for an SM5.


Soft feel, tight grooves, stylish detail and Piretti's first go at wedges at a reasonable price?  A+, now if only I could afford one of their putters...

And before anyone says anything about the rug, I know it has to go.  The wife has already told me.


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Wow...those are some good looking wedges.

Ugly phone pics don't even do them justice... but I just had to post right away lol.  I'm going to try to get the big boy camera out tomorrow and snap them in some natural light up close.


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