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My Swing (Akhil Puri)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 20

My typical ball flight is: High

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Snap hook with the driver, hitting it fat with the wedges and too thin with the pitching wedge off the tee


I thought i didn't feel the need for a lesson since my grandpa was a good golfer and i thought i had the genes , which is quite arrogant really , something that i now realize. So i decided about a year back to iron out some issues with my swing and short game when i couldn't break 90 and took 2/3 lessons . The coach said i was too handsy, but i did compensate for it with a decent enough swing. Since then i am trying to incorporate more of my shoulders in my takeaway but to be very honest im still struggling to achieve any sort of consistency with the driver , My swing speed is close to 120 when i last used the trackman which was a year ago. Im ok with my 5i - 8i , the moment im less the 150 yards is the time i start stugggling with distance control. I hit my wedges too fat and while teeing off with my pitching too thin.

I feel i can break 85 easily but im in my way at the moment and its very hard for my to really put together what exactly is it that im not being able to over come . Its a bit a recklessness mixed with fear .

Anyway hoping for some honest feedback from you folks!




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Yes you have some speed for sure. I think you have the ability to be a good player but need to gain some better knowledge.

First thing I would do is look at the set-up. Your spine is tilted towards the target. This is going to feel weird but you're going to push your hips slightly towards the target so the spine tilts away from the target. Notice the head is still centered with the player on the right, he's not getting it tilted right by just having his head over his right foot.

Also turn both feel out, will help keep your head more steady.

Watch this


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    • Does your Gap wedge match iron set or not?
      By WUTiger · Posted
      One consideration is how you use your wedges. If you hit the GW for full shots, you might want to have the same feel as your PW and numbered irons. If you use GW/AW and higher wedges mainly for partial shots, you might want to have the non-PWs as specialty wedges. If you're mostly partial shots, you may want a different shaft than with your irons. And, it varies by iron set. The X20 matching AW was hard to control on distance, while the Nike Vapor Speed and TM SLDR AWs worked quite well. End conclusion: go with what works for you. You find this out by testing clubs.
    • What is your target score?
      By billchao · Posted
      I don't really have a target; I just go out and try to play to the best of my abilities. Target implies I'm actively shooting for something, which I'm not, especially considering I usually don't pay attention to my total score until after the round.
    • Do you KNOW your score as you play?
      By billchao · Posted
      I rarely know my exact score. When I'm playing with my friends, I know where I stand in a match, but I don't know my score unless one of them tells me at some point. I just play the hole, recall the the number of strokes I made, then write it down and forget about it soon afterwards.
    • SGI irons for a 9.9 HI...
      By WUTiger · Posted
      If you get true SGI irons, be careful of what shafts you get - stock shafts may not be what you want. Back circa 2009, I was completely redoing my bag, mainly moving from stiff to regular shafts. In the SGI range, I tried the Ping G10, for Callaway the (first wave) Big Berthas and the X20 irons. The stock shafts for the G10 and the BB just lanched the ball too high. The X20s, on the other hand, had the Uniflex shaft that had a mid-kickpoint: the SGI head + midkick shaft worked much better. I'm sure you would get fitted for the SGI, so be careful about getting "too much lift" in high launch shafts. 
    • Reporting scores in abnormal conditions
      By JP golf · Posted
      You're right.  It generally doesn't change scoring so much. However, I would simply get frustrated if I was trying to score and the greens were horrible (just done and done badly).  If they are really bad - then I'm just going to make it a practice round "so to speak" and work on some yardages or shot types (I'll enjoy my round).  I will make that decision prior to the round, unless you can't tell how bad they are until the 1st or 2nd hole.  Once I make that commitment, I have no intention of posting and don't even hole out every hole.  I try to make it a really productive round from a practice standpoint. Don't get me wrong, I 100% will post rounds on aerated greens but not when they are horrible and just done.  If they are dressed and manageable- different story.
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