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Used Clubs - Shaft Length Question

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Hello All, I am currently playing Callaway X-22 Tour irons with Project X 6.0 shafts, + 1/2", std lie & grip (I was fitted for these).  I have a friend who buys the latest and greatest gear.  He has offered to sell me a set of Mizuno MP 64 irons, standard length & lie really cheap with KBS stiff shafts.

If I buy these will it affect me much with them being 1/2" shorter?  Would getting them re-gripped and having a 1/2" shaft extension added affect the weight, balance, and playability of the clubs?

These irons seem to get great reviews so I hate to pass them up.

Any recommendations or other suggestions of what to do?




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... These irons (MP 64) seem to get great reviews so I hate to pass them up. ...

For starters, you need to determine the swingweight for both your current X22T and your friend's MP64 irons. If you lengthen the MP64 3/4", this will raise the swingweight about 4.5 points.

Shaft specs:







PX 6.0 (Taper)


125 gr.




KBS Tour S (Taper)


120 gr.




The shafts are somewhat similar, with the PX being a half step stiffer and a few grams heavier.

As for the irons:

  • Standard length for X22 5i = 38" , +0.5" = 38.5" / Stock 5i Lie angle = 61* / + 1/2" length would make club play + 1* upright
  • Standard length for MP64 5i = 37.75" / Stock 5i Lie angle = 60.5*

Note that the X22 have been around since 2009. Even if you got custom-fitted, your ideal lie angle might have changed.

So, the MP64 irons - if stock length - will be 3/4" shorter in shaft length. Adding 1/2" will leave you 1/4" short of your X22T.

The MP 64 may "seem to get great reviews," but only if they fit the swing and stance of the golfer who uses them. You could spend quite a bit of $$ to get the swingweight and lie angle shifted to what you need.

Proceed with caution...


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Thank you @WUTiger .  I had not compared the specifications of the two.  I guess I just assumed most clubs were about the same.  Now they do not appear to be such a great deal after all.  Like you said my X22Ts have been around a while so I have been thinking something a little newer. Looks like I need to find a good fitter to discuss these and other clubs with.

Best regards,


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